AUSTRALIA                                     #309

I received an invitation to speak to a church conference in Australia. Never having been to Australia and having heard nothing but good things about it, I accepted with pleasure. 

Long Trip
The trip from Lynchburg started with a 4 hour drive to Dulles Airport in DC. The Dulles waiting time was two hours before the 4 1/2 hour flight to Los Angeles. The Los Angeles wait was 3 hours before a 14 1/2 hour flight to Melbourne. 

The seats on transpacific planes have built in extensions on top that fold inward against the sides of your head holding it immobile. In theory, this allows you to sleep, if you are one of those who can sleep on planes.
Arriving in Melbourne, I retrieved my baggage, presented my passport and visa, and went though customs. I thought they might look askance at my food supplements and vitamins, but the thing they pounced on were the two apples I had been saving. A dog checked me over and passed my food supplements, but not the Apples! Customs have apple sniffers? The lady inspector relieved me of my contraband apples and passed me through. I had officially arrived in Australia. 

I then re-checked my baggage through to Cairns (pronounced "cans"), and waited 3 hours for my next flight.

Observations Thus Far
The airports I passed through all looked alike. It's almost impossible to tell what city or country you are in by the airport. The planes on the ground all look alike. The buildings all look the same. The people do, too. 

The only planes I saw were Boeings - all made in the U.S. - mostly 747s. I didn't see any European built "airbuses". The cities where the airports are located also all look alike. Even the buildings look alike. 

Money Changers
In Melbourne, I turned in my U.S. dollars for Australian dollars. The money exchangers gave me Australian dollars for US dollars at the rate of .5641¢ each. I later exchanged them back at the rate of .6161¢ - a 9.2% profit for the money exchanger - one way. Since I exchanged my money twice - once for Australian dollars, and then exchanged the Australiandollars for US dollars - I paid 18.4%. 

There were long lines waiting to exchange millions and millions of dollars - half for US dollars, the other half for Australian dollars. Travelers trade them coming and trade them back when they go. Back and forth, back and forth. Out of each million dollars exchanged coming and going - $192,000 goes to the money exchanger for performing a virtually risk free operation. The grabber is this 18.4% rakeoff is legal! The people who do this must make a million dollars a day profit and there are several desks open doing blockbuster business. 

In Melbourne, there were large numbers of Japanese employees working for the airport. Many spoke with heavy Japanese accents and were difficult to understand. The loudspeaker announcements on the plane and in the airports were in Japanese as well as English as were the Airport signs. This bespeaks a strong Japanese economic presence in Australia.

Psychodelic Jap
Surprises often remain long after more important things are forgotten. One such surprise remains fresh in my memory. 

One thinks of Japanese as having black hair, black eyes, yellow skin and slant eyes. Every Japanese I have ever seen has these features. In the airport a Japanese passed me who had "yellow" hair, yellow eyebrows, and yellow eyes - which must have had help from yellow contact lenses; he was Japanese but looked like a new species - an oriental goldfinger - or a creature from Star Trek. It was nothing I have ever seen before. It startled the daylights out of me - and everyone else. 

The airline personnel are always polite. Leaving the plane American Airlines/Quantas announced; "We wish to thank all our `one world' customers". 

Plane Makes
While waiting for the flight for the next leg of my journey, I looked out the airport picture window and studied the many different aircraft on the ground. There were "Vietnam Airlines" flying Boeings 767; "Air China" - 747; "Quantas" - 767 and 747; "Fuji Airlines" - 747; etc. I know there is the European made "airbus", but I didn't see any on this trip. Just American-made Boeings. There were no German, French, Italian or Japanese made airliners. Just American. 

Dungarees, Chewing Gum & Indians
Something else. Everyone in the international hodge-podge of races seen in the airport wore dungarees. Dungarees were designed to be worn to clean dung from stables - which is how they got their name. With every other person wearing them they looked like a New World 

Order uniform.
A surprising number of otherwise nice looking individuals sat in terminals chewing gum. It seemed familiar - like I had seen it all before. Then it came to me. They looked like a herd of cows lying in a pasture chewing their cuds in unison. I've seen cows look like this a thousand times when I was a boy. That's why it looked so familiar. 

I noticed a large number of Indians in the Melbourne airport. Two attractive young lady shopkeepers told me they came from New Zealand. 

Australia & Its People
Australia is as big as the United States. There the similarity ends. The habitable parts are the coastal regions. The interior is a vast inhospitable desert. 

On the east coast is a strip of habitable land about fifty miles wide. Going west from there you run into mountains. On the other side of these mountains is the desert. It's a barren land much like our own American southwestern deserts where nothing lives. I understand that in other parts the habitable coastal region extends much farther inland with the land becoming increasingly arid the further you go. These semi-arid stretches are where many cattle operations are located. But, the most profitable region is the coastal strip. 

Australia's population is only 18 million, most of whom live in large cities, the largest of which is Sydney - 4 million; Melbourne 3m; Brisbane 1m; Adelaide 750,000; Darwin 750,000. 
Southern Australia is cool - the north - tropics. Cairns, my destination, was in the tropics. It took more than two hours flying time to get there.

Northern Australia
I was met at the Cairns airport by my congenial host, Hank Roelofs, and driven to our destination about two hours south. We passed miles and miles of sugar cane. I was told that the next several hundred miles were the same - sugar cane. I also saw a few banana plantations with their banana stalks neatly enclosed in plastic bags to protect them from insects.

Conference Center & Speaking Australian
The conference meeting center was our destination - and quite adequate for our needs. Our host had a large family and they introduced me to the Australian tropics and the Australian language. Walking out on the grounds in back one could pick a banana from a tree, a coconut from the ground, a lemon, orange, grapefruit or mango from its own tree. Quite different from anything I have ever experienced in Virginia.
Someone commented on the number and irrationality of the "chooks". A chook was a new animal to me. Exposing my ignorance once more I asked what in the world they were talking about. I learned that in Australia a "chook" is a chicken. A "mozzie" is a mosquito; "porridge" is oatmeal. "Mate" is a comrade - not necessarily a wife. Have to be careful - the Australian language can be a barrier to speech. 

There was one rooster that crowed at night instead of in the day. I named him General Lee because he would have been right on time if he had been crowing back in Virginia. 

Driving In Australia
The position of the steering wheel took getting used to. It was on the wrong side. I was seated in the "passenger side", which is the driver's side, but with no steering wheel, accelerator, or brake. One is strapped in and helpless. Combine that with everyone else driving on the wrong side of the road - panic is just an instant away. Dozing off after being awake for the past 40 hours, I awoke to find myself driving on the wrong side of the road with an approaching car also on the wrong side, and the steering wheel gone! It's what nightmares are made of. It took a while to get my heart out of my mouth. What a way to wake up!!
In the main north-south two-lane highway there were stretches that were well maintained. Other parts contained numerous potholes and were really quite hazardous - especially when driving at night. 

I was told that many of the great corporations doing business in Australia are tax-exempt, and that the burden of paying most of the taxes fell on the little people. Of those taxes, the part that should have gone to road repair goes instead to shelter, feed, and support the tremendous number of illegal immigrants flooding into Australia (called "boat people"). 

The bulk of the Australian population is concentrated in the larger cities to the south. The further one goes to the tropical north the less dense is the population. I was taking a walk one morning along the main north-south highway about 15 minutes after daylight and one car passed in the time I walked a mile on the highway. 

There was one stretch of highway built by American engineers during WWII of which the Aussies are very proud. A half-dozen people pointed it out to me. Australians have their share of criticisms about the U.S., along with everyone else, but they really do like America and trust her much more than Americans do.

April 25th, ANZAC Day
ANZAC Day is Australia's "memorial day" and the country makes a great effort to honor their war dead. There are speeches, parades, streamers and decorations, wreath laying and events - all extensively covered by newspapers and TV. There are long talks and newspaper articles rehashing Golopoli and the other battles in WWI, WWII and the Boer War in which Australian troops participated. It's really quite a big thing. 

There are also occasional articles protesting Australian involvement in British wars where Saxons were forced to fight Saxons. 

Government Criticism
The Australian government are control freaks. They've got a law prohibiting almost everything and another law taxing everything else. There are roadblocks that check licenses and registration. A $150 dollar fine for no seat belts. They even tax "rainwater". I drew the line when I heard this last one, but it appears to be true. In Australia, if you build a dam to collect rainwater you must pay a tax on that rainwater that is supposedly collected since water is taxed. I asked what was one to do if someone built the dam, paid the tax, and there was no rain. Sue God? or sue the government? I'm still waiting for an answer on that one. 
The top tax rate is 90% in New Zealand and 69% in Australia. 

Australia Pays Indonesia
There is almost universal criticism by Australian Saxons of the political candidates selected by the newspaper owners for them to vote for. There is also criticism of their foreign policy once elected. 
 For instance, Indonesia, their closest neighbor to the north has a largely Muslim population of between 140 to 170 million compared to Australia's 18 million. Indonesia has laid claim to the northern half of Australia and Australia pays them tribute to keep their hostility at rest.
Part of the on-going tribute takes the form of Australia's military forces training Indonesian soldiers in Australia and sending Indonesia economic aid. Australia gave Indonesia Australia's vast oilfields which lie between Australia and Indonesia as part of the ongoing tribute. This most generous multi-billion dollar gift only satisfied Indonesia for a time. 
Just last year, Australia's tribute was $150,000,000 in "aid". One month after payment of the "gift", Indonesia used the money to buy the surplus East German navy for $150,000,000. This purchase was done at a time when Australia has almost finished doing away with its own navy so as not to antagonize its northern neighbor. This purchase gives Indonesia an instant navy at a time when Australia has practically no navy at all to defend its shores. 

To further show its peaceful intent, Australia has cut its armed forces back to just over two front line regiments - and these troops are now employed away from Australia under command of the UN protecting Asian Christians facing extermination by Moslems in E. Timor. 
In essence, Australia's government has rendered Australia defenseless. No navy, no army, and only a skeleton airforce. It no longer even has an armed militia to protect the country in the army's absence since the government passed draconian laws against private gun ownership to pacify Indonesian suspicions of Australia aggressive intentions. 
Everyone appears well informed about the situation. Everyone complained about weapons confiscation. But, it's debatable how much good that will do if hostilities break out. 

I was told that over 86% of businesses in Australia are owned by foreigners. Most of the extensive sugar cane fields, among other things, are owned by corporations such as Monsanto and Kraft. Japanese feedlots abound everywhere as well as Indian cattle farms; Chiquito has extensive banana plantations. The unending cane fields adjoining our conference center were owned by Indians. 

Australia has some of the most spectacular views in the world. I was taken on tours that included deep extinct volcanoes, impressive waterfalls, and rainforests. 
In one place in the rainforest grew a 500 year old tree called a "figtree". A half a millennia ago a bird left a seed in the top of a forest giant which took root and put out its own foliage above, and octopus like tentacles dropped below that started to descend to the ground. When at last they reached the ground they took root and grew more tentacles which in time killed the host tree leaving the fig tree as the sole survivor. 
The fig tree appears to consist of hundreds of impenetrable roots that serve as its trunk, and it grows into the stratosphere where it is crowned by lush branches and foliage. Perhaps thirty men standing arm to arm might be able to circle its base. Impressive. I've never seen anything remotely like it.

There were also volcano lakes where three feet from shore the water is five feet deep and 15 feet from shore the water is 300- 500 feet deep. People swim at their own risk. I never saw a life guard the entire time I was in Australia. 

Then there were the billabongs. I was told that a real billabong is a bend in a creek that was bypassed and formed a little pond; but every swimming hole in the mountain streams seemed to be called billibongs. Everyone swam. Adding spice were signs that read, "Watch for crocodles!"

The Australian black aborigines are called "Abos" by Saxon Australians. They constitute 2% of the population and constitute 74% of the prison population. Their mythology says that they were created in the "dream times" when the earth was young. The Australian tourist industry promotes this "dream time" scenario as well as Aboriginal handicrafts and a certain weird sounding one note musical wind instrument that was heard in the movie "Crocodile Dundee". 

The government treats the Abos as wards of the state and lavishes all sorts of privileges on them which include houses, education, and medical attention. Vast tracts of Australia are set aside for their use at the expense of the Australian Saxons in much the same way that land is being set aside in the U.S. for wilderness areas and Indian reservations. This is causing a great deal of resentment from Saxons who are displaced.
I was driven through several Black settlements. They appeared to look very much like the many Indian and Black communities here in America. I was told that the reason many Abo houses are without doors is because the Abos burn them in their fireplaces. I was also told that the Abos much prefer orientals to eat because they complain that whites are too salty. The speakers telling these stories always quickly add that cases of Abo cannibalism are infrequent today.

An Anglican priest lectured on his experiences in Australian prisons. He said that white inmates receive much the worse attention and privileges in a prison system overrun by Abos. Because the Whites were receiving so little attention, he spent most of his time with them. When his activities came to the attention of the Anglican hierarchy, he was called on the carpet. 

He said that Abos inmates are allowed unlimited visits from their friends, with their immediate family often being flown to the prison at government expense. In contrast, whites are allowed only one visitor a week. 

There seem to be at least a half dozen schemes to develop the "outback". They ranged all the way from tapping a vast fresh water lake that supposedly lies under the desert in order to start irrigation - to flooding the region with sea water since it is below sea level. The purpose of the latter scheme is that the flooding would allow ships to reach areas of Australia that are presently inaccessable. In the latter case Australia would look like a vast mostly-flooded volcano where only the rim would be visible. 

Complaint & Five Words
The complaint most often heard in Christian Revival circles is that God's Commandments ("The penalty for murder is death"; "The penalty for rape is death". etc.) are almost never taught from the pulpits of the country. If the Word is God and God's Commandments are never taught, how can the nation return to a God whose requirments are unknown? Their motto is 5-Words - "Obey and Teach God's Commandments". Sounds good to me. 

They say they want more teaching of God's Laws even if it means sacrificing inspirational talks which are now current fare. That also sounds reasonable to me. I find myself guilty of neglecting this. Perhaps in the future I should start my own talks by FIRST going over as many of God's Commandments as I can before getting into other things. Reform starts at home.

Guilt Complex
There is a general complaint about the "guilt complex" that the media and government are trying to instill in whites. This complaint came not only from conference attendees, but from others whom I met in towns and resorts. 

It is my opinion that the "guilt complex" syndrome is part of the plan to "humble" the Saxon. A humbled warrior is no warrior - especially when his weapons have been confiscated. 

One criticism of their own government was the long standing policy of organizing groups of young girls to meet visiting US warships. This leftover from WWII is sponsored by local civic committees. The girls go out on dates with the ships officers, which increasingly mean that they go out with Black U.S. navy officers. Social interaction between races is disapproved by large sections of the Australian population.

The Australian Glance
The "Australian Glance" has been cultivated by the Australian media. Before making a comment on "race" the Aussie first glances around to see who might be listening. Then he says what he was going to say. This is called the "Australian glance".

Covered Sidewalks
Because of the frequent tropical rains, most of the businesses in the towns in the northern provinces have covered sidewalks. This allows customers to go from store to store without getting wet during rainy seasons. 

Land Ownership
Australians are acutely conscious that almost everything is owned by foreigners. Just about every store or business you see in America is mirrored in Australia. The land itself is foreign owned. That which is not foreign owned (and also largely tax- exempt) is state owned. For proof of the statement I was told that if one misses 3 tax-payments his property is seized and sold. 

Flags & Weddings
I saw a number of Confederate flags displayed in store windows. The signs at railroad crossings also looked like confederate flags at a distance. Same colors. Made me feel right at home. 

Went to a wedding. Casual acquaintances seemed intensely interested about the War Between The States. I asked the reason for their interest in something so far away from them and was told that Australians were interested in anything having to do with their Saxon family. Interesting answer.
I was told that there are three identifiable accents - New Zealand, Australia, and Tasmania. The Australian accent with which we are all familiar is supposed to be English cockney of the 1850s - frozen in time.

How Aussies View The U.S.
Australians know everything that is worth knowing about the U.S. (except the geographic location of Virginia). Our group knew everyone in America connected with "reform Christianity". In my case they had recordings of talks I had made that I had forgotten I had made. They, along with everyone else in the world, are accutely aware that Clinton is a national disgrace. They seem to look on the U.S. as the center of the Saxon world. Yet, they have no illusions. 

Murdoch has Chinese wife
Murdoch, an establishment Jewish media mogul, has a Chinese wife. This points to an all-out media push to open China to world economic-usury expansion. New borrowers are necessary if the West is to preserve the 
present "good-times".

Trip back
On the way back we drove through Cairns to reach the airport. At 5:00 AM in the morning I was surprised to see crowds of youngsters up so early. I was informed that they weren't "up early" - they just hadn't gone to bed. On the plane I sat next to a Saxon impersonator. This was the 2nd one I had sat next to. They are so sure of themselves that they will say most anything. Some of them act the part quite well. 
Coming to Australia it took two days. Leaving Australia I reached Los Angeles two hours before I left Australia. That's right. I left at 11:55 AM and got to Los Angeles the same day at 10:00 AM. That's what I call moving right along! I suppose that if I just kept on going round and round the earth in the same direction I could take ten years off my age. Just a thought. Maybe not.

Anyway, it took 41 hours to reach home even when it was all downhill. I had a wonderful time, but I was sure glad to be greeted by my wife and my daughter at Dulles. 
Outside Lynchburg I stopped and got three hamburgers. One each for Joshua, Sarah and little Kate - my two Rottweilers and my little Cairn Terrier. Dogs are practical beasts. So am I. They went wild when they saw me, then they discovered I had food and so they sat relatively quietly to be fed. Then, with the "excitement edge" removed by the hamburger, they again proceeded to jump all over me since "daddy" had arrived home. But, it wasn't half as wild as it would have been. It's a trick I learned from the way our enemies handle us.

What I Learned From The Trip
Australia feels itself to be a Saxon nation - at one with the other Saxon nations of the world and especially the United States.
Australia appears to have the same problems America does. The most visible and immediate is the flood of immigration. Aliens are everywhere. There is the problem of foreign ownership of almost everything in Australia - much of it tax-exempt. Compounding these problems are unresponsive politicians selected for election by the media-owner. They don't appear to care in the least what the people think about anything. 
Taxes are outrageous and all levels of government are control- freaks. There are irritating laws about everything. 
The Australian government treats the Abos the same way the U.S. government treats blacks and Indians, and the Abos criminal conduct and resulting large prison population is building resentment. 
Australia has one problem much greater than our Mexican problem. She has a large hostile neighbor to the north, Indonesia. This, combined with a government policy that has disarmed its own military and shipped the remainder overseas, confiscated the weapons of its citizen militia, and helped build up the armed forces of this potential enemy, may point to an ITC plan to turn Australia into the next South Africa.