Road to Richmond                          #321

Events are history. Events revolve about wars and their aftermath. War winners write the history. If one does not have a reason to know better he must accept the victor's version - there is nothing else he can do. The victor's version is often twisted or downright wrong. 

When a person has lived on the same land as his ancestors for ten generations, the history handed down to him is often different. He has a personal interest in it. A different history results in a different world-view. Not only is his world-view often different - it can be the correct one while the official version is not. 

To many, the road to Richmond is just another Virginia two lane back-road; trees, creeks, hills, an occasional unworked farm. I know the road and have had reason to travel it countless times. It crosses battlegrounds, a scalping place, a massacre, worked out coal mines, a canal - the list goes on. It seems that every rock and hill has a story. The road is a long memory trail. 

Latham's Battery
On the road to Richmond I drove past the place where the guns of Latham's Battery are buried. At Appomattox, along with Lynchburg's 2nd Virginia Cavalry, Captain Latham double teamed his guns and charged through the Yankee army rather than surrender with the Army of Northern Virginia. They paused long enough to bury their guns somewhere in a creek bed, and then they accompanied the 2nd Virginia to Lynchburg's Miller Park where they had mustered in '61. There they called the roll and disbanded. Our Lynchburg boys never did surrender.

The men of Latham's Battery were sworn to keep the secret of where the guns were buried. The secret was kept through rough interrogations by union troops and ever since. No one has ever been able to find them. There is supposed to be one man in each generation who passes the secret of where the gun's are buried to the next generation. As the story goes - on the day when Virginia once again joins her sister states to fight for their right to exist as sovereign states, the location of the guns will be revealed, the guns retrieved, and will lead the fight for freedom.

Appomattox & Saylor's Creek
Next, I drove past Appomattox where my great-grandfather, Maj. William Hoskins, Surgeon 59th Va, surrendered in '65. His name is on the rolls publicly displayed there. 

A few miles further on I passed Saylor's Creek where Lee's army, on the way to Appomattox, was cut in two and where Richmond's government clerks, old men, in their first and last battle ever, gave a "rebel yell" and charged - and drove the enemy back a full mile before falling exhausted to the ground. They were all the reserves Lee had left. Their exhaustion and age prevented them continuing the fight and they were captured lying on the ground unable to rise. 

The Empire
The story of the 2nd Virginia Cavalry, Latham's Battery, Saylor's Creek and Appomattox, are war stories of defeated survivors who fought against the International Trade Cartel (ITC) and lost. The death of their "sovereign state", Virginia, also marked the death of the sovereign states of their conquerors - Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and the rest. Now there was ONE state - the Corporate State of DC. Both conquerors and conquered had been reduced to vassal states at the same time. In 1865, the "United States" ceased to exist and a new state was born - the "Unitedstate". All Americans became "subjects". But we in the South, as losers, were required to give the extra pound of flesh for having opposed the "inevitable" and lost. It was a lesson that has been repeated and repeated and repeated.

In school I was taught that the war was fought over slavery. Since those days I have learned that my mother's family owned more than a hundred slaves and they were abolitionists. They were "Repatriation Abolitionists". They wanted to free their slaves, send them back to Africa, and replace them with White workers from Europe. So did Thomas Jefferson and almost everyone else, too. They didn't tell me about "Repatriation Abolition" in school. Knowing that, the obvious conclusion is that the war was not fought over slavery. Both contestants were against slavery. 

I was also taught in school that the war was fought to "preserve the union". If that is so, was my ancestor Robert wrong to fight for Virginia to secede from the British Empire? Was it wrong for New England to threaten to secede only a few years before the war broke out? 

Virginia voted against secession after Lincoln told them that he had no intention of invading the South. A week later Virginia learned that he intended to invade anyway. Virginia then voted again - this time to secede. Lincoln meant to have his war. Why?

In school I was told that the reason that Virginia was burned was because it was a military necessity. My older kinsmen told me that almost all Yankee generals actively promoted burning.
Was this a military necessity? What does burning a farm and a mill behind your own lines have to do with military necessity? Hunter burned the whole way when his army marched to Lynchburg. Sheridan burned the great Shenandoah Valley that was already his. Grant burned wherever he went. Sherman burned Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Missouri was burned. The entire Yankee army burned. If it was just a military necessity, only certain places of strategic value would have been burned, but the armies burned whereever they were. So. It had to be "policy". It was federal policy to burn. Why? 

In the past 50 years I learned that the ITC also burned S. Africa just like they did here - except they did a more thorough job of it. The establishment armies slaughtered cattle, sheep, and chickens - not for the use of their armies - they slaughtered them and let the carcasses rot in the fields. They burned barns, houses, mills - just like here. They put women and children in concentration camps where they died like flies. They left the great South African farm system a desert. Policy?

Something else. In Germany, in addition to burning every city 50,000 and larger, 11,000,000 Saxons were driven from the great east German farming regions of E. Prussia, Silesia, Pomerania and the Sudetenland (millions died in the process) and these great farming regions were given to the Slavs. Like the South and S. Africa, the Cartel went after the farms. I found that out years after WWII. They didn't teach it in the schools. This must have been "policy" too. 

"Policy" of this kind leads to something - where was it leading. What was its objective?

The War Between The States
The Establishment's educational system told me that the War Between the States was fought to preserve the union and free the slaves. They didn't tell me that the war was only a 1st step on the road to somewhere else. 

The obvious difference was that - when I drove by 50 years ago there were farms everywhere. Now, I saw only half a dozen working farms in the entire 120 miles to Richmond. The farms that had been burned in the war, revived briefly afterwards, now appeared to be gone for good. What did it mean?

The City
Richmond lay in the distance. Before the War Lynchburg was 18,000, Richmond was 28,000, and the great seaport of Norfolk was 38,000. Now, Richmond was gigantic. Where had all the people come from? 

The answer is obvious - I saw almost no one on the road to Richmond and Richmond was full. These tightly packed Richmonders must have come from the deserted surrounding countryside. The land was empty - the city was full. Farmers were now city dwellers. I never understood that before. Another moment's reflection supplied the reason.

The War Between the States freed the slaves which removed the farm workers. Freeing the slaves without compensating their owners prevented the farm owners from being able to hire White workers from Europe as planned. The Establishment's radical abolition without compensation destroyed the Southland's farm system. 

However, the people still lived on the land. Families boomed. My great-grandfather who fought in the war had 12 children; my grandfather had 6; My father had 4; I have 6, the most any of my children have is 2. What changed? 

The short-lived revival of the small Virginia farm after the war ended when the ITC food-monopoly dumped foreign produce on Virginia's farm market below the price our Saxon farmers could raise their own. Broke farmers had to go to the city and work for the cartel to feed their families. 

I saw few working farms in 120 miles to Richmond. It looked like Scotland when I was there in 1982. Most working farms are gone. The same is true with our Saxon kinsmen in Europe and S. Africa. The number of children has dropped below 2 per family. 

Byrd Park & Indians
I took the old short cut through Manchester (now South Richmond), and crossed the James River on the Toll Bridge into Byrd Park. Since I last drove that way the toll had increased from 5¢ to 25¢. 

At the bridge, the James River rushed over rocks. You can take ships from the Atlantic all the way up the James to Richmond, but the rocks, the "fall line of the James", stop the ships there. In 1676, my ancestor Thomas fought with Bacon against the murdering Indians. 

This fight ruined the royal governor's Indian trade monopoly and started an Indian War. The governor used this as an excuse to confiscate the farms of Bacon's followers. This left my family penniless. Here's the background:

1622 - The Indians staged a surprise Good Friday massacre and killed 350 settlers around Jamestown and all of the Henrico Plantation - 1/3 of the entire population. 

1644 - Indians attacked Virginia colonists in a Holy Thursday massacre and killed more than 500 settlers along this same "fall line". 

1676 - at this same "fall line" Nathaniel Bacon led militiamen, including my ancestor, against the Indians to avenge the Indian depredations. The Crown called "self-defense" a rebellion and used the defeat of Bacon's Rebellion as its opportunity to confiscate most of Virginia's self-sufficient farms. I suppose the reader notices that we are back talking about farms again. 

What is this thing that the cartel has against farms? What is so important about Virginia's self-sufficient farms that every Cartel government wants to destroy them? If one thinks about it long enough the answer jumps out at him: "The self-sufficient farm is the natural habitat of the Saxon." On his own farm the Saxon is both a king and a priest. Poor or rich he is his own man. He is an optimist in his thinking. He has lots of children. Off his farm he is just a vassal of someone else. 

The cartel, to de-throne the Saxon, has burned and starved him out of his natural habitat, and driven him into the city where he now resides. He is closely supervised by a cartel king and his army as he works as a vassal for another. The Saxon has been driven from his natural habitat.

Belle Island
Down the James a little way almost in sight of the Toll Bridge is Belle Island. There, my great grandfather, Granville Kelly, saved a union prisoner who had saved his family from starving. The story is in "Vigilantes."(F)

(FOOTNOTE: Vigilantes Of Christendom, VPC, 427p. sb, $18, POB 997, Lynchburg, VA 24505.) 

Byrd Park
In moving to the city the Saxon made the city as much like the rural life as he could. Parks were one of his proud creations. 

In Byrd Park, I saw the same giant oaks where half a century ago I fenced a young German airman early Sunday mornings.

I especially remember the mist that was low on the ground. Except for ghosts and early risers, Richmond still slept. The young airman was a good fencer. He had a way of strapping his épee to his wrist that I had never seen anyone do before.(F) He told me that his brother had starved to death after WWII when the Germany's eastern farmlands had been taken and the Americans prohibited food from being sent to Germany. He didn't hold it against me because I was an American. I told him about our own experiences as a conquered people.

(FOOTNOTE: Fencing is essential in relearning the lost art of knife fighting. I was called on to teach this lost art in the military.)

Once I was traveling in a convoy enroute to Indiantown Gap Military Reservation. I was with the Richmond Light Infantry Blues of Virginia's National Guard. Our truck ran low on gas in Pennsylvania and we dropped out of convoy to buy gas at a local filling station. They wouldn't sell to us because we were Southern "rebels". The media had done a good job demonizing us.

In the early 50s, New York Life asked me to come to New York City for a job interview. I went, but they didn't hire me in spite of being better qualified than all the others who applied. I later learned that the reason was that I was a "Southerner". 

When I was young it cost more to ship goods by rail from Richmond to New York than from New York to Richmond. 

It was 1956 before Virginia paid off the last of the Reconstruction Debt incurred by the occupation government - more than three quarters of a century after the War.

As a student, young freshly indoctrinated teachers from state colleges wanted me to change my Virginia accent and make me talk the way they had learned to talk in school. "We don't speak that way". About the only times I ever whipped my children was when they came home from school after some teacher had tried to "reconstruct" them so they wouldn't speak like Robert E. Lee and George Washington.(F)

(FOOTNOTE: My wife says that this is "A baldfaced lie!" She says that I whipped the children for lying, fighting, coming home late, not doing their chores, smoking, drinking, attitude, and everything else that children need whippings for. I note that they are whipping their children for the same things I whipped them for.)

In those days, Richmonders strolled safely in Byrd Park. They fed ducks and geese that crowded Byrd Lake. 

The alien Establishment had begun to lock a draconian rule on Saxon Virginia. It decreed that we treat his Blacks as the Cartel once decreed that we treat his Indians in the years before - regardless of their robbing, raping, murdering Saxons.

He appointed judges and stationed his police to enforce his decrees. Thus protected, the Blacks swarmed in armed with fishing poles and cast lines over the backs of the ducks and geese, hooked them, reeled them in and wrung their necks. The birds are gone and now they hunt us, our women and children at night - in the parks, parking lots and neighborhoods that we built. Today, people seldom walk in Byrd Park. Neighborhoods shut down after dark. To most - Richmond is under seige, and the Reconstruction occupation forces still watch to detect the least sign of rebellion.

The CITY belongs to the alien. I didn't learn that in school, but, I've got eyes to see what's going on. The city is where the alien feeds and houses his slaves who work the alien's economic system. 

Checking In
I drove down streets lined with familiar tree shaded row houses, and checked in at the Holiday Inn. The colored desk clerk was soft-spoken and polite. The people I met were gracious and nice. I crossed the street to one of Richmond's neighborhood restaurants to get a bite to eat. 

The restaurant I chose was close to the neighborhood restaurant I frequented 50 years ago before holding local "Defenders" meetings. In the restaurant, I sat close to a group of young men and women in their thirties and early forties. They were eating sandwiches, drinking beer and discussing politics - just like we did 50 years ago. I overheard snatches of conversation - they were using the same words and catch-phrases to describe today's conditions that we used back then. They were part of the group I had come to Richmond to meet. 

The Meeting
The meeting room was full of flags - British, the cross of St. George, the Southern Cross of St. Andrew. It made a brave display. 

Three of us sat at the speakers' table. Between 60 and 100 people were present. That was the size crowds the Defenders initially attracted for neighborhood meetings. Later, thousands attended and only school auditoriums were large enough to hold them. 

The master of ceremonies was a tall, nice looking, well spoken young man with good stage presence. His name was Ron Doggett, chairman of Richmond's "No Fear" - "National Organization for European-American Rights", the Richmond chapter of David Duke's political party.

The Governor's Proclamation
Doggett read Governor Gilmore's proclamation commemorating May as the month that Virginians were to celebrate the accomplishments of their Saxon American ancestors. With the permission of the governor's office, he had announced the governor's proclamation to the media that very morning.

This evening, a few hours later, this same Governor Gilmore rescinded his proclamation. Someone on his staff objected to Virginians studying the accomplishments of their European American ancestors. His excuse was that if David Duke had anything to do with it, it must be bad. 

This latest flip-flop was not surprising. This same Establishment governor had earlier opposed license plates for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and setting aside a day commemorading the "Heroes of the Army of Northern Virginia".

I remembered back 50 years to when Governor J. Lindsey Almond was our king. He was also a traitor to his nation and his God.(F) He had run for election on a platform supporting Senator Byrd's "Massive Resistance". Virginia gave him a lopsided, landslide victory. Virginia had raised the battle flag. Almond was our Patrick Henry and George Washington rolled into one. 

(FOOTNOTE: A nation is a race, a country is a taxable entity containing one or more nations.)

The citizen soldiers of Virginia's National Guard, the sons of farmers now living in the city, stood ready to take to the field to enforce Virginia's right to govern herself and maintain her territorial integrity, if need be. North Carolina and Tennessee were on alert. 

The day arrived. Washington sent marshals in to take control of Virginia's schools. In Richmond, I was one of the National Guard officers waiting to be called up. Some stood outside the Blues Armory in the morning dark waiting for the custodian to arrive with the keys so they could draw equipment.

The sun rose. Richmond was at a standstill. People spoke to each other with lowered voices. People waited for Govornor Almond's anouncement. The minutes stretched into hours. Nothing. There were rumors about "negotiations". 

There were no negotiations in progress. They were only rumors! Virginia's governor had betrayed his people and betrayed his God. His 30 pieces of silver was nothing more than an appointment as a Federal Judge.(F)

(FOOTNOTE: "Cowards who turn back from following me, and the corrupt, and murderers, and the immoral ... and all liars - their doom is in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur. This is the second death." Rev 21:8) 

Almond's treason destroyed what was left of the States Rights of every state in the union. It made the nation's public schools the disaster they are today. The integration it promoted encouraged thousands to mate with aliens. As prophesied, integration has led to miscegenation.(F) 

(FOOTNOTE: "Let them marry ... only to the family of the tribe of their father." Numbers 36:6; "Thou ... shall go ... to my kindred, and take a wife." Gen 24:3,4 

A mixed-breed is barred from the nation of Israel.(F)

(FOOTNOTE: "A bastard (Heb: mamzêr - mixed breed, mongrel) shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord." De 23:2

What was his price? A judgeship! A judgeship! If we had suspected that he was the kind that could be bought for only a federal judgeship, we could have raised the ante; we could have made him a judge for life of Virginia's Hog Shows at double the Establishment salary. Almond came cheap. 

At the time, the "Massive Resistance" of Virginia's Senator Byrd's was the most talked about thing in the country. It had become a "states-rights" issue North and South. Virginia was issuing tracts on "Interposition"(F) and sending them all over the country. It gave the busy appearance of activity that produced no results. What did Senator Byrd do about Almond's treason? At the very least he could have spearheaded an Almond "recall" - but Byrd did nothing. 

(FOOTNOTE: Interpositon: The interposing of state authority between a tyrannical federal government and the oppressed people of state.)

Caste System
Fifty years ago we didn't know about the ITC's caste system. We didn't know that ALL kings are hired by and work for the same master. They ALL conspire together. All of them are in on it. ALL of them. They were earlier versions of S. Africa's DeKlerk, Rhodesia's Ian Smith, Germany's Willie Brandt. ALL took the Cartel's 30 pieces of silver. They were all traitors. ALL of them! We didn't know it.

Senator Byrd began his career "poor but honest". Virginia's courthouse books and state office books stood open for inspection by anyone walking in off the street. The "Byrd Machine" was held up all over the country as an example of honest politics. When he died, "poor but honest" Harry Byrd owned a newspaper, extensive apple orchards, and millions in stocks - all on a politician's salary. 

I thought about all this as I got dressed this morning. I put on my shirt made in Korea, my pants made in Nicaragua, my T-shirt made in China. And, I thought of Lynchburg's idle textile mills on Cotton Hill, and my ancestors' farms now owned by strangers' corporations. Then I remembered Virginia's politicians who go to DC penniless and return millionaires. 

What is there to wonder about? The establishment's three castes - 1) Priests, 2) King & Army, and 3) Money Managers - belong to the cartel. They are bought and paid for. You don't go to them to help you out of your troubles. They are part of the problem. They lick the hand that feeds then and think that there is no God in heaven and tomorrow will never come. They really believe that God's Law will never judge them. 

We didn't know all this back then.


(1) My Credentials:
When speaking I always state the following: 

"In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God, and the WORD was God." John 1:1 and "The WORD was made flesh, and dwelt among us." John 1:14

I always try to tell our part in the Great Crusade:

"I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him ... doth judge and make war ... and his name is called The WORD of God." Rev 19:11-13.

God is the WORD. The White Horse is the ancient sign of the Saxon - on shield, flag, and arms. The Saxon bears the WORD. That's what we were put here on earth to do. That's why God the WORD made us in his image. He chose us. Our job is the most important job in the world.(F) 

(FOOTNOTE: "The LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto Himself, above all the people that are upon the face of the earth." Deut 7:6; "Ye have not chosen me but I have chosen you, and ordained you." John 15:16.

The Saxon's spirit must at least equal the zeal of other nations. The zeal of an Arab boy for Allah causes him to strap dynamite to himself and walk into the midst of his enemies; the Zionist's zeal, knowing he will be killed, makes him go to the Temple Mount to attack his enemies. His mother's zeal, learning of his death, makes her say that she is proud to have a son who will give his life fighting her nation's enemies. 

There is the zeal of the young Kamakazie pilot who crashes his plane into the enemies of his god-emperor; and the zeal of our own Crusader knight who stood in the middle of the road and dared the Saracen army to try to pass him. There is the zeal of the follower of the WORD who refused to recant and was condemned to be burned by Levite priests who proclaimed that they were acting for God. 

When our zeal is as great as this - victory will come. Such zeal can only come from devotion and obedience to the WORD which is our God. 

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13; "If ye love me obey my commandments. John 14:15

(2) The Christian Religion teaches; 
a) No king 

b) No taxes or usury 

c) The land is to be divided 

d) Sodomites, mixed-marriages, and aliens banished

(3) Enemy Propaganda 
Our enemy constantly attempts to neutralize God's WORD. This propaganda is spread by:
a) The media, and 

b) Levites in the king's service.

(4) Our Authority - Our right comes from the WORD. We claim that right and prove it by our descent. This proof is declared in; 

a) Scotland's Declaration of Independence

b) Our own genealogy - which is identical to that of the Queen of England, and other European monarchs and nobles, whose blood kinsmen we are.

Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin spoke. He is the national chairman of the British National Party, from Wales. Both he and his charming wife flew over for the meeting.

He told about what is going on in Oldham, England, which is much in the news right now. Aliens are pouring in from all over. In 1950, there were less than 10,000 aliens in the whole island. Now, the cities and towns swarm with them. Saxons are being laid off from their jobs, and in his hometown, Oldham, where in 1950 there were as many factories as days in a year - there is but one factory left. The rest have been shut down or moved overseas. Oldham's alien population has grown to 20% of the total and they are belligerent. 

Their latest is to hunt whites with machetes and chop them up. In Britain, the media conceals alien crime and profiles innocent whites - just like they do here. British political parties, both Conservative and Labor are corrupt, and take the part of the alien against the Saxon. 

British patriots have something going for them that we don't - what appears to be a viable political party. The percentage of votes captured by the BNP grows with each election. Each alien atrocity translates into votes at the polls. The worse the atrocity - the better the BNP returns. 

Nick Griffin sees, and I believe correctly, that the people have no where else to go - that nationalism is the future wave and the BNP will be a factor to deal with in the future.

I was impressed with the energy and spirit of the leaders of "The Friends Of The BNP" and their sponsoring and supporting organizations. 

The BNC has identified the political and social issue of the day, immigration, and are translating this issue into votes. Saxons respond to it in Britain and America and whereever it becomes an issue.(F) This same problem exists among Saxon peoples in France, Austria, Germany, America, Scandinavia and Australia. 

(FOOTNOTE: On May 2, p. 5, the "Financial Times" reported the United Nations appealed to the British Labor Party and their opposition Conservatives not to make immigration an election issue. It has been reported since then that ALL Members of Parliament, but one, agreed. Immigration is the most controversial issue to face Britain in decades. Politicans can be elected or thrown out of office based on their stand. Their almost unamimous obedience to the UN confirms their being Cartel agents.)

The people at the meeting were intelligent. They all seem to know the current political buzz-phrases one uses to reach others. "The Friends of the BNP" are presently collecting members, but have little organization thus far. 

God Wills It
Their weakness appears to be that attendees are not yet being given the message - "God Wills". It's probably because they are still a young organization, but America's Founding Fathers didn't neglect this. Americans still remember that they said:

"The people know it is impossible to rightly govern without God and the Bible." George Washington

"Our Constitution was made only for a religious and moral people; it is wholly inadequate for the government of any other." John Adams

"Resistance to tyranny is service to God." Thomas Jefferson

"We have staked the whole future of American civilization upon the capacity to sustain ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God." James Madison

"The Bible is the rock on which this Republic rests." Andrew Jackson

To be successful long term among a people whose WORD states that they are made in the image of this self-same WORD - it is essential to proclaim that God blesses the work it is doing. Without the blessing the necessary zeal will never be attained. 

Admittedly, it is a hard thing to do while organizing, collecting money, paying bills and trying to counter the constant attacks of the enemy, but it must be done. Failure to do so means that it becomes only a question of time before setbacks and discouragement will take their toll and the local branches will begin to chase deer instead of staying after the fox. It's different when "God wills it!" Our people must be kept after the goal which in plain English is - "Thy will be done - on Earth!" 

I've Got Good News For YOU!
Someone must be chosen to be the "watchman" - to make sure that heresy doesn't creep in to destroy the Saxon's sleeping nationalism. It must be someone who studies, worries, and anguishes over his people. It must be someone who is the grain of salt that the WORD says is sufficient to salt the whole loaf. It surely isn't the Levites - It's YOU!

Who else is there who can't stand the lawlessness of the Cartel's establishment church? Who else besides you asks the Levites embarrassing questions? Who else lives near you who knows as much of God's WORD as you do? Who else will travel halfway across a continent just to meet with his peers and discuss this and that from the WORD? Just you.

God has isolated you for years from others so that you can properly learn your craft. You don't think you have, you never will, but you have. You are what the WORD has trained you to be. Now, how does one get started?

Getting Started
We start by making ourselves available. Our job is not to convert the world, merely to keep those who are doing something on course. 

We start attending meetings. The best meetings to attend will be those of nationalist political parties. These people want to do something and do it NOW. If there is no nationalistic political party available, pick some local organization - it really doesn't make that much difference what kind; PTA, DAR, SAR, DOC, or Sons of Confederate Veterans, your own local fraternal or religious group, or your local flower lovers group; even as a very last resort - Republican or Democratic party meetings - any organization. All organizations have power. It's seldom used because they don't use it, but organizations have it. Start attending - in time you will be able to influence your group so that their power can be used for good.

As an example, I attended a reunion of Air Force Class 52C. We trained together to be pilots during the Korean War. There was a banquet. I suggested that someone say the blessing. Guess who the chairman asked to say it? Me! The chap who suggests the chore gets the job! For all intents and purposes I was the unofficial chaplain of that meeting. The possibilities are endless and enormous.

No two cases are the same. God has trained you for a long time for today. You are not just another joiner. You are so rare that its hard to find one like you living near you. It would be a shame if you let this expertise go to waste. Join a group, or start attending a group you already belong to. Make the supreme sacrifice and even begin attending Sunday School.

Once there - volunteer. You will quickly be picked to be an official doing something unpleasant. Our people don't like things like that. They prefer to let "John" or "Pete" do it. Well now, you are henceforth "John" or "Peter". God picked you. Let's get with it. He who does the organizational dirty work earns the right to be heard. 

If the organization or its members are doing something right - show those interested from the WORD where God approves of what they are doing. Everyone likes to be backed up by GOD. If the group or the individual violates the WORD, show them the Scripture to put them back on the right path. Then, sit down and let the Lord take over. Don't worry if they don't follow your suggestion. Don't nag. Let the matter drop. The grain of salt has been placed. The others Saxons in the organizaton are made in the image of the same God that made you. Trust God. He will do the rest. 

We've got more than enough people for the job. God has trained us for this day. Let's get off our duffs, get to work, and let the Crusade begin.

"When thou are in tribulation ... even in the latter days, if thou turn to God and shall be obedient ... he will not forsake thee ... nor forget the covenant of thy fathers." Deut 4:30-31

It's time.


The overwhelming majority of the people of Mississippi voted to keep their state flag containing the Cross of St. Andrew. This is the state where the Establishment's legislature was in favor of doing away with the same flag. This verifies, once again, that Cartel politicians are media-elected and owe the people nothing.


Timothy McVeigh
An interesting phone call came in last week. The caller told me that a survivor of the Oklahoma City bombing said that she was trapped in the rubble of the Murrow Building. Rescue efforts had started when they were suddenly halted for over 4 hours. The four hours were used to fill bomb craters in the basement of the Murrow Building with concrete. This accomplished, rescue efforts began again. 

The woman was said to have lawyer and was planning to file a restraining order to "prevent the government from destroying evidence", namely "Timothy McVeigh". She said that she repeatedly tried to present her evidence to the FBI to no avail.

The day after I was told this story the newspapers announced that the FBI had located 3000 pages of evidence that had not been turned over to defense lawyers. The Justice Department stepped in with its own restraining order. Their new investigation puts the FBI back in control of the prisoner and prevents the unauthorized questioning of Timothy McVeigh. 

The Cartel media helped the government get away with its hamhanded way of disposing of uninvestigated Waco and Murrow Building ruins. One individual like McVeigh should present no special problem that a little spin can't correct.