AMERICA'S GODS                      #293

Man is made in the image of the WORD - which is God.1 Strangers are made in the image of their gods. Man is forbidden to allow strangers in his midst2 because Strangers are made in the image of their gods and Man will learn the Stranger's ways and worship his gods. This will cause Man to turn against his own God and his God will destroy him because of it.3

The Alien who arrives in our midst arrives with his gods - since the creation and his gods cannot be separated. Our Great Commission, then, is twofold - tell Man about his own God the WORD, and also tell Man the danger of worshiping the devils the Strangers have brought with them. But, before we can tell about these gods - we must ourselves learn about these gods.

Aryan-Man Invades India

Aryan-Man, made in the image of God the WORD, poured over the mountains of Northern India and stormed into the great Indus Valley, overrunning its black inhabitants.The god of the conquered Blacks was Siva. These conquered Blacks were made in the image of their god. Their god had arrived in India in the ancient past in the form of a black woman.4


Siva, the sex-god of the Blacks of India, is himself black. He is pictured dancing the cosmic dance. Surrounding Siva is "The Cosmic Force" - representing the oneness of all life. In one hand is a drum representing the importance of music and sex - which explains the strangeness of today's alien music in the West which arrived along with the aliens. 

In another hand is a flame representing the ultimate destruction of the body by fire. (Conspiracy theorists point to the burning of Bob Mathews, Gordon Kahl, and the Waco victims - and speculate whether they were coincidence or ritual).

Siva is dancing on a demon. In front of the demon is an object representing the male sex organ. Siva is both the god of the beginning (sex) and god of the end (death). 
Aryan-Man found himself in a land containing many temples dedicated to this god. In these temples idols of Siva danced. Around the temple walls surrounding the central figure were more idols of black Siva and his beautiful black wife Parviti. They are acting out the many sexual positions of the reproductive act. 

Sex pleased Siva and Parviti his wife. Sex pleased the Blacks made in Siva's image. Wherever blacks are found - India, America, Europe, S. Africa or Australia, their actions reveal Siva, the god in whose image they are made, even when they call him by other names.
Dr. Martin Luther King was notorious for his sexual escapades. He would come to town proclaiming that he came in peace and would incite the Blacks and leave the town in flames and its stores looted. This is the way Blacks act the world over.

Strangers may speak with the sweet voice of the Serpent god, and call his name "Jesus", but "By their acts ye shall know them," and know their gods.


Black Parviti is the beautiful temptress wife of Siva. She shares her favors with all. This act is called "polyandry". Polyandry is defined by encyclopedias as "having more than one husband." More correctly, polyandry is the system where women take lovers of those they choose. This is why practically every race other than man trace their ancestry through the woman rather than the man; the woman is the only one who has any idea who the father is. There are countless thousands of Men who can trace their ancestry back to the patriarchs, and from there on back to Adam without missing a single generation (see Saxon Identity HR #266). With man, the ability to trace one's ancestry through the father is quite ordinary. With strangers it is extraordinary. Blacks and Jews trace their ancestry though the female.

Parviti has become the patron goddess of the daughters of man who act as paid and unpaid prostitutes. She was brought to our shores by Strangers made in the image of Siva and Parviti and they taught their ways to the daughters of Man.5 Parviti is practiced, experienced, and knows all the secrets of love and the ways to please her lovers.6


Behind Parviti's sweet seductive face there is another face. A sinister face. It is the face of "Death". This dark side is manifested in Kali, Siva's wife. Kali is even more devoutly worshiped and feared than Siva himself, and feared more than Parviti is loved.8
Those made in Kali's image operated Stalin's death camps, ordered the Bataan Death March, approved the murder of 9 million Germans after WW II was over, operate abortion mills, and reveal themselves again at Ruby Ridge and Waco. They do what they do because they are made in the image of their gods - and this is what they do.


The Aryan invaders of India intermarried with the native Blacks. They formed a caste system to segregate the mixed members of their society, but blood poison gradually filtered its way through one caste to the next until it reached the very top. Ghandi, a member of the highest caste was a mulatto. 
The new mulatto breeds of northern India were smarter than the native Blacks. Their god was also different. The Blacks worshiped Siva - who was black. The invaders worshiped Vishnu - who was white. Vishnu and Siva are pictured as being brothers.
Vishnu is pictured as reclining on a giant many headed serpent - who is the god of deception. Growing from Vishnu's navel is a lotus on which rests Brahma who created both Vishnu and Siva.

After creating the world, he faded into the background.
With the help of renegade Saxon priests, Strangers proclaimed that they had accepted the WORD and were now changed; they were no longer made in the image of Strange Gods, but were now made as Man in the image of the WORD. Because of this the prohibition against trading with Strangers was suspended.9 Man traded with the stranger and allowed the Stranger to settle in his land. Pretending to be newly made in the image of the WORD, the Stranger had no choice but to obey his own gods in whose image he was made. He imported cheap goods from his own lands and drove Man's manufacturers out of business. Then, Man worked for the Stranger10 in factories his own people had built. 

He imported cheap farm produce and drove our farmers out of business - and his corporations now own their land. He established usury banks who favored his own corporations while denying money to Mankind. The Stranger prospered - and sent for his kinsmen to join him so that our cities are overrun with Strangers.

His corporations own Hollywood, Broadway, TV, and the media. His productions endlessly display the acts of their gods in whose image they are made. What is normal and natural in the lands of Siva is turning the lands of Mankind into lands of paid and unpaid whores, of sexual perverts, of thieves and murderers. To us, Strangers and their serpent god are a false witness.11


Siva's followers practice magic. In India, Siva priests cause people to float on air, climb ropes attached to nothing, jump 15 feet straight up, raise the dead, and do all sorts of things that strains the credulity of the Westerner. In various guises "witch doctors" practice their craft wherever Blacks are found. There is Voodoo in Africa and the Caribbean; even the Australian blacks have their variation. Wherever blacks or mixed-breeds are - the Serpent's servants are there.12

Siri- Fickle Goddess Of Fortune

Earlier, one saw Siri at Vishnu's feet. Siri is Vishnu's fickle wife, a lovely creature. She is also known as Lakshmi. She is the goddess of good fortune. She is wooed by all but stays with her latest lover only briefly. Siri is a favorite of orientals who are great gamblers.13

Westerners are prohibited from gambling.14 Strangers, or their agents, present compelling reasons to gamble and make it legal. It is only after misery and poverty descend on the land that gambling is once again suppressed.

Since Strangers have arrived in great numbers in the West, casinos, lotteries, betting parlors, racetracks, options, futures, and church bingo parties have become the order of the day. Siri is worshiped by all who buy a lottery ticket, bet on a horse, or wager over a card game.

Once I spoke to 6 old people at a church at Massies' Mill - all that was left of more than 300 who had been driven from their farms. From them I raised $35 to buy Bibles for school children. Then I spoke to 600 at a prominent church in Lynchburg and raised $35 - $25 of that was given by a converted Jew. It was clear who worshiped the WORD that was God and who followed Siri.


Siva is black, Vishu is white. Hari-Hara is a combination of the two. He is the god of integration. A quick visit to your local church will reveal whether or not Hari-Hara is one of the gods worshiped there.15


Ganesa, with the elephant head, is the problem solver. Whenever a heathen has a problem he goes to a temple and tells his problem to a priest. Money changes hands and the priest says a prayer to Ganesa and the problem is solved. It's that simple. 
In the Christian West, the priests have taught people to go to a temple and tell their problem. The priest says a prayer to Ganesa, who he renamed "Jesus", and the problem is solved, and the one with the problem is expected to make a donation commensurate with the size of the problem. It's that simple.

The Serpent

The Serpent spoke to Eve in the Garden. This is Nagini, the female serpent deity. The serpents have a mission; "They forbid access to spiritual truths to those who are not worthy of them; in the second place, they confer them upon those who deserve them." To Mankind they are the great deceivers.16
Serpents are powerful, redoubtable and endowed with surprising powers. There are countless statues of them - especially in southern India. There are close links between the serpents and Siva. Adepts of Sivaist sects are never bitten by serpents. Their Western Christian copycats seem to be bitten all the time.
The serpent is also the messenger of Kali. He strikes our heel and we crush its head. The Serpent has spawned tens of millions like himself who arrive in our lands disguised in Western clothes and manners, to spread the poison of their gods wherever they go. Their bite is that of the vampire, turning Man into damned Lawless creatures like themselves. The Black Simbolese Army of the '70s that murdered Whites used the many headed serpent, a copy of one upon which Vishnu is resting, as their symbol. Man, look closely at the serpent - your hereditary enemy - and the one for whom he speaks!