The Wolf And The Sheep
Sect. Two

Operation Trojan Horse

The Janissary

The wolf's greatest problem is other wolves. In the days of the Ottoman Empire, the Turkish Sultan ruled Arabs, Seljuk Turks, Ottoman Turks, Khazar Turks, Kurds, and varied other wolf-packs going under one name or another. Each had his own problems and each had problems with the other. When ordered to mobilize to go to war, he would find them fighting among themselves. He would have to delay until he got the dispute worked out before he could start a campaign, then he would have to wait again when another fight broke out. At all times some of his followers were off invading a neighbor, or squabbling about this or that.

Wolves are great on the hunt. But, getting them to the hunt and getting the hunt started wrecked the dreams of many an alpha- wolf. The solution was found - found in the least expected place - the sheep.

Sheep have many qualifications necessary to be "super-wolves." Without a sheepfold, and without their Shepherd to teach them, they become what they are taught. Naturally trusting, single- minded, and dedicated, and with a substitute wolf-shepherd to tell them "wolf-right" from "wolf-wrong," and trained to war, their newly acquired "wolf- heart" causes them to become as vicious as any biological-wolf. Unlike wolves, they will fight to the last drop of their sheep's-blood. This is the sort of building material an alpha-wolf craves. An elite storm- troop, single minded, loyal to him alone. Of course, they must be kept loyal.

The sultan recruited a force made up of indoctrinated-sheep. He sent emissaries to take young sheep by force. He bought others from child-stealers and kidnapers. He paid top dollar and took good care of his young "guests." They were slaves, but were never called "slaves." Even slaves object to being called slaves. They were called "Janissaries," but, since he paid them a "salary" - they were slaves.

As mentioned earlier, rather than be the slave of another wolf, a wolf will drive a camel or a taxi, or almost anything rather than take a salary. "Salary-takers" are at the bottom of the pack's pecking order. To a wolf - the difference between being a plant manager and a floor sweeper is a question of degree. The salary makes both salary-slaves. Both are dependent on their salary- payer.

A wolf, working for himself, at least keeps his pretensions and can dream of one day rising on the ladder to become an alpha-wolf himself. The salary is the wolf's slave-chain.1

The sultan fed his young guests well, he clothed them in the finest apparel, and had them converted to Islam. They were then trained to be warriors - janissaries - the alpha-wolf's salaried representatives.

The "janissary," a sheep-slave with a wolf heart! The "leaven of the pharisees." They were the most fanatical group of warriors Islam has ever known. They had the discipline that came with 1,000 generations of selective breeding guaranteeing sheep- like obedience, and they had placed in their hearts the "jihad," the "holy-war" of the wolves.
This force numbered 20,000 to 40,000. These disciplined, well trained warriors formed the spear-point of the Ottoman invasions of Europe, and they were almost invincible. The first wild-eyed sword-swinging heathen trying to separate the Christian's head from his shoulders often had blond hair and blue eyes. His hate- filled eyes and heart were filled with wolf-lore. The wolves honored them - they were elite. Most wolves feared them, but looked down on them at the same time, because they were "wage-slaves."
In time, conditions changed. The janissaries were allowed to keep what they captured from the sultan's enemies, and in this way they amassed wealth, possessions, estates, slaves, and women. But, they were prohibited from marrying or keeping children bred by their slaves. In the wolf-world power comes from riches. "Great" wealth can only be inherited. Seldom can enough wealth be accumulated in a single generation to cause one to become a rival to the alpha-wolf.2 On the death of the janissary, his estate went to the janissary organization, and the organization became strong and powerful.

The janissary not only faithfully fought Islam's wars, but their hereditary make-up made them remarkably good governors and administrators. In time they also provided the police, and relatively honest tax-collectors - in-as-far as honest tax- collectors can be found in a wolf society. In peace time they drew a salary from the sultan. In war time they gathered the loot from the enemies of their leader the Sultan. They were Islam's civil service and first line of defense.

In time, these Janissaries took complete control. They ruled the Sultan and appointed his successor. They stopped the humiliating salary "slave-wage" and went into business themselves or took "tribute" (their protection money) from the wolves just as other wolves do. Being the most powerful with the powerful janissary organization to back them, they took most of the tribute. Now they were no longer "wage- slaves."3 It had become socially acceptable to join, and every wolf in Islam tried to enlist his children in the organization, drastically changing its composition in its latter days.4

Some believe that clips showing blond-haired figures mixed in among the packs of dark-skinned wolves in mid-east newsreels may account for some of yesterday's "missing sheep" - now trained to be janissaries.5

The American Red Wolf

Red-wolves, living around the Great Lakes captured the frontier children of the sheep, raised them as red-wolves, and gave them wolf-hearts. They became chiefs and medicine men. They were worse in their treatment of captured sheep than the red-wolves were. Having the natural discipline that came from their breeding - they single-mindedly sought to exterminate the white sheep. Their captors turned them to war and they obeyed with their entire heart. Their vision became the destruction of the flock.

The names Simon Girty and Joseph Brandt come to mind. The smiling blond-haired stranger knocking at the stockade gate, begging shelter for the night - the one who held the door open for the wolf pack to rush in was the trusted one who then gleefully joined the massacre.The ravaged Sheep became careful. Many was the time Lew Wetzel, "Deathwind" himself, was bound hand and foot after entering a fort and released only when someone vouched for him. The janissary is the most feared of all foes because one cannot tell him by sight. His skin and smell are sheep, but his heart is wolf.6 

Operation Trojan-Horse Political

Wolves tend flocks of sheep with as much care as farmers tend cattle. They know all about them. It's their job.

To prevent the unexpected, wolves station lookouts wherever sheep gather. Where the sheep appear agitated, or belligerent, lookouts are doubled and special care is taken.
This care consists of inserting janissaries among the dissident sheep to take leadership if possible, and if that is not possible, to plant "disinformation."

Rhodesia, surrounded by wolves, fought to victory. In the hour of victory their leader, Iaan Sheep, without consulting the flock, negotiated to turn the entire sheepfold over to the wolves: a magnificent coup resulting from prior careful and systematic wolf-planning. The elected ram has all the hall-marks of a janissary with a wolf-heart.

South Africa, the most powerful nation in Africa, has been brought to her knees by a janissary who was given the leadership of the sheep-fold because of favorable mention given him in the South African "wolf-howl."

In the U.S. the dissident sheep were given a leader. George Janissary. The George Janissary's third-party organization could have won the presidency. This would have given the sheep a grass- roots organization - something the wolves definitely do not want the sheep to have. So, George was shot and his organization fell apart. Later, George admitted to being a liberal all along.

The conservative sheep of America's right wing are once again restless. To take charge and lead them in circles, the wolves have given them a distinguished janissary to be their leader, one who is being discretely promoted by the wolf-howl. The "sheep- leader" has a wolf-heart. He lies. He violates the Shepherds' laws.

Rams who wish to take charge of the sheep in the future will have to pass through the filter of the Shepherd's Law if they expect be accepted by the sheep. If they pass through the filter, they won't be janissaries.

Wolves Suppress Sheep Rebellion

Wolves accumulate, take, steal, and monopolize. It's their nature. The Shepherd says that the land is to be divided among his sheep and never sold.7 Sheep law says that the land is never to be taxed, because missing a tax payment will cause the land to default to another.8

Suppose wolves come to take a sheep's property and the sheep won't relinquish it, protesting that "the Shepherd" gave it to him and said that it is never to be sold. If he were allowed to get away with this, the rest of the flock might also defy wolf- authority and refuse to relinquish their land when foreclosed. This would create a problem. A sheep presenting a similar problem was a farmer named Kirk - Arthur Kirk.

Such rebellion must be rapidly crushed as an example to others. A janissary strike-force composed of salary-slaves was sent to punish him.9 Wolves know that sheep will tolerate abuse from other sheep that they will not tolerate from wolves.

They went to Arthur Kirk's farmhouse door and called him out. They called him names to incite him. When he came to the door - brrrrrup, bang! bang! bang! It was all over.
Kirk, the sheep who showed defiance, was rapidly taken down. The point was made; Sheep who defy the wolf or his representatives, or who may become a rallying point, die. That's the way it is. The wolf-howl reported that another radical farm protester was shot by "peace officers" who were simply enforcing "the law of the land."

Wolf Tribute Taxes

I pay my taxes. I overpay my taxes. I encourage all others to pay their taxes. I have an accountant who tells me how much taxes I have to pay and I add extra to them. I pay under protest - but I pay.

Some people use the legal system to lawfully avoid paying taxes. More power to them. However, I don't have the time or the expertise to do this. There is a very large tax-protest movement in America. At the root of the tax-protest movement is the knowledge that sheep cannot own land that is taxed. A single missed tax payment reveals who owns the land. The sheep know that the scriptures say that "the children are free" from taxes. So they go to the limit to gain exceptions so that they will not have to pay the present income tax. This infuriates the wolf who treats legitimate tax avoidance as unwillingness to pay tribute and is treason to themselves.

One such person was Gordon Kahl. He was ambushed by Federal janissaries and killed. A bullet was fired into the back of his head. This type of death is a wolf trademark - the bullet in the back of the head. It leaves no doubt that the offender was executed by "the pack" for crimes against the pack. In China, the conquering reds killed millions of their opponents, each with a bullet in back of the head. In the USSR, millions were shot, a bullet in back of the head. In Poland, the reds killed the Polish officer corps - each with a bullet in the back of the head.

Kahl's death was supposed to have been hushed up. But, in spite of wolf-howl disinformation, the message went out among the "kings and priests" that this killing was wrong. Kahl was really trying to obey the Law with his tax avoidance.10 The wolves say that Kahl was breaking the law by not paying these taxes, which thereby made him an outlaw. But the message among the flocks is, "Hey, this sheep was killed for obeying God's law!" This is not what the wolves want to hear. It is not what they want the sheep to be told.

Another case at present is that of a "false witness." Janissaries claim that a sheep had in his possession a forbidden weapon. The sheep said his fingerprints were fraudulently planted on the weapon. If true, that is called a "false witness" which sheep-law calls unlawful. The accused sheep says that a wolf-janissary lied about the whole thing and that he is not going to play their game and go to jail for 5 to 10 years for something he didn't do. He then went to the top of a distant mountain where wolves couldn't get him.11

Wolves cannot allow a sheep to wander off and form his own country. A Robin Hood in his Sherwood Forest is the last thing the wolves need. So, they sent janissaries to do a Kahl job, a Kirk job - on him. But, instead, the janissaries managed to do something that is against all sheep rules - something sheep consider "unfair." They killed a child. A young kid. "Women and children first" is as old as sheep-history. They are evacuated first from sinking ships, even when rams go down. Sheep always look after their women and children. Sheep are that way. Wolves aren't. Wolves are the first in the life-boats.

Even the wolf- howl admits it. Remember the Greek passenger ship that went down and the passengers accused the crew of getting in the lifeboats first and leaving them on the ship to drown? That's the nature of wolves. The Titanic went down and those saved were women and children. The male passengers and the crew went down with the ship.
It is the difference between a sheep- ship and a wolf-ship.

The Weaver Massacre on the mountain at Ruby Creek got out of hand. The janissaries ambushed a sheep and killed one of his kids. The wolf-howl blacked it out outside the packs hunting area. It was only later that the sheep in other hunting areas heard about it. The Northwest wolf-pack hunting area gave the sheep a wolf- version of the story, but to this very day many other parts of the nation know nothing about it. The wolves know how to manage the sheep with their wolf-howl. They've had enough practice.

They knew what would happen in the great valley if the sheep caught the smell of wolves making a kill. A sheep stampede could result! It has happened before. The German sheep caught the smell of blood as the wolves killed Russian sheep and they stampeded. It took the combined efforts of all the wolf-packs in the world to get them under control again. Wolves already have their problems with other wolves, they don't need the flock stampeding off somewhere. The next stampede could take a hundred years to bring under control. Perhaps never.

The wolves made their Ruby Creek kill, and then stood still and waited to see what the sheep were going to do. Most sheep knew nothing about it, so they did nothing. A few were restless. As soon as these settle down and go back to acting like sheep - the packing house operation will start up again. The wolves have shown the sheep once more that there is no Robin Hood, and there's no Sherwood Forest where one can run away and hide.

That's the way wolves manage sheep.

Wolves Require Janissary Bonafide

To be truly accepted as a janissary and receive the benefits that accrue to a janissary - a sheep must irretrievably divorce himself from the flock.

That irretrievable step is often a capitol crime. The sheep who attacks his God and curses him can then be trusted by the wolves - but not by the sheep. The bridges are burned and the outlaw- sheep is considered "traitor" by the rest of the flock. He is THEN a fit candidate to become a "janissary."

The change of allegiance may be sealed by the ancient ritual of marriage.12 Marriage is the ancient ritual that merges kingdoms, economic empires, and can be the blood union of wolf and sheep. It causes the offspring to inherit the characteristics of the wolf while appearing to be a sheep.13 This preferred offspring is needed to open the door to the sheepfold because the wolf disguised by a sheep-skin is the wolf most difficult to detect. The offspring of a wolf- sheep marriage is one of the most valuable acquisitions of the wolf-pack. Its lifetime job is opening the gates of the sheepfold so that the wolves may enter. The one who makes it possible receives special consideration.

Next to the union of the sheep with the wolf is the bonafide of allowing one's child to be taken and united with a wolf. Sheep- law dealing with this infraction is strict. The father of the wayward sheep wars against his God if he refuses to disown his sacrilegious offspring.14 The sheep who refuses to disown his mixed off-spring may now be accepted as bona fide, he has a "wolf-heart." The wolves may now safely pay him the benefits accruing to a loyal janissary.

In South Africa, a janissary named DeKlerkasheep - a sheep with a wolf- heart - has given his blessing to his son's marrying a black she- wolf. To obtain the substantial rewards a janissary receives - bridges to the flock must be burnt.

In Germany, a wolf posing as a sheep was elected to the nation's highest office. He helped bring more than 100,000 sheep to trial for wolf-assault. Janissary judges have filled the prisons with sheep accused of assaulting wolves. In Russia, 35,000,000 sheep and their allies died in the teeth of the wolves. Not a single wolf has been found guilty. It would be against nature if they were. Wolves see nothing wrong with wolves doing what wolves do.

Janissaries Protect Wolves

An injured wolf quickly falls victim to another wolf. "Red Brigade" wolves in Italy shoot victims in the legs so they can't walk. Being a cripple is one of the ultimate injuries inflicted by wolves on wolves. Wolves have this thing about hurting other wolves, breaking fingers, arms, and legs, to make cripples out of them. American red-wolves used to cut the Achilles tendon so the injured one could not dodge the blows of other wolves. Desert- wolves cut off hands or feet, or cut off eyelids to make their selected victims blind and forced to beg. It's what wolves do.

Wolves can fight skillfully and well. But they prefer to use others to fight their battles: they pay them handsomely. Under sheep-rules this appears cowardly, but this is not the case. The wolves use sheep-janissaries to preserve the wolf from being injured and falling prey to other wolves. The highest example of wolf-skill is to fulfill the wolf motto; "use an enemy to kill an enemy." Wise sheep never talk down wolves. Wolves are often magnificent animals. They are strong and muscular. They are the end product of 1,000 generations of selective breeding - breeding the very best of those animals who survived doing what wolves do.

I had a dog when I was in the Army. A German shepherd. His name was Thor. I used him to hunt people. I know something about dogs. I saw a coyote. A coyote is a wolf, a small wolf. My dog wanted that coyote. I told him to go get him.

Then I began to have second thoughts. Maybe that was not such a good idea. I took a good look at that coyote. That coyote was nothing but a bundle of wire and steel muscles. My dog was good. He weighed 110 pounds. He was tough. But he was a dog and he was chasing a wolf. If my dog caught that wolf, he would probably kill him, but my dog would be hurt before it was over. So, I called my dog off. Fighting wolves is something that should never be undertaken lightly. Once started - it's for keeps. Wolves seldom take prisoners.

There have been sheep-armies which held wolf-armies in contempt, and were exterminated as a consequence. Just because you are at the front and the wolves remain behind working in finance or in quartermaster, it doesn't mean that they are cowards. It means that they don't see the need to fight when they have gotten someone else to fight for them. And most believe they have more to lose by being injured. An injured wolf is sooner or later going to be attacked by another wolf. Among wolves there is no such thing as a "knight in armor" ready to rescue those in distress. Wolves can be family-oriented, musicians, merchants, traders, agitators, Mafia hit-men, or "wolves-on- patrol," but "knights" are butts of their jokes. I have played football against wolves and they weren't afraid to butt heads. I have fought them in the ring and they weren't afraid to get in your face. Wolves are a lot of things - but yellow isn't a trait. Don't get the idea they are yellow. When they back away and feign flight - expect a trap. They go by different rules. A wolf is a wolf. He is what he is. He was made by God to cull the flocks - and he does it very well. He forces the sheep to choose.15