NEW NUCLEAR WORLD POWER                    #333

Reducing Nuclear Arsenals
The three leading nuclear powers in the world today are: 
1) US
2) Russia
3) Israel

Tomorrow's line-up may be different. The US and Russia have agreed to reduce their nuclear arsenals by 2/3rds. This 2/3rds reduction by the US and Russia may catapult the Israeli state into becoming the world's greatest nuclear power.

No one knows the size of the Israeli arsenal. They refuse to allow inspections. According to a Mossad defector - it's big.

Before we can assess the importance of the above information, other facts must be added to the equation. 

The Merchant
The Israeli state is a nation of merchants. Today's society holds the merchant to be the pinnacle of success. The WORD, which is our God and our Law, says the opposite:

"[He is] a merchant, the balances of deceit [are] in his hand: he loveth to oppress." Ho 12:7 

"A merchant shall hardly keep himself from doing wrong; and a huckster shall not be freed from sin." Ecclesiasticus 26:29

"Woe to the bloody city! it is all full of lies and robbery... there is a multitude of slain, and a great number of carcasses; and there is none end of their corpses; they stumble upon their corpses... 16 Thou has multiplied thy merchants above the stars of heaven..." Nahum 3:1-2,16

"(King Antiochus determined)... that he should send an army against... Israel... And that he should place strangers in all their quarters and divide the land by lot.... And the merchants of the country... took silver and gold... and came into the camp to buy the children of Israel for slaves." I Maccabees 3:35-41

The Farm
Polar opposite to the merchant is the farmer. God's promised Kingdom on earth is THE FARM. The self-sufficient farm (SSF) is ruled by the farmer who is its king, priest, defender, and judge. The farm is the mother of "cottage-industry," the "mill" to help fabricate, and the "country store" to exchange its products. 

To the merchant, the SSF and its owner are both just unprocessed merchandise. 

Today We Are All Merchants
The "great merchant" is an obscenity to Saxons. The WORD says, "Jesus Christ... hath made us kings and priests." Rev 1:5-6. It says that we are to divide the land and rule over it. We are not to allow strangers into the land lest we learn their ways. Our self-sufficient farms once produced all we needed and provided a surplus with which we could trade for the few things we didn't have the time to produce. We violated God's WORD and allowed strangers into the land. Their usury, taxes, and trade took our farms and forced us to work in factories located in their manufacturing centers called "cities". Today we work for merchants, sell for merchants, in some way service the merchant system, or are merchants ourselves. We do this to eat. 

The WORD that is our God says:

"A doubled-minded man is unstable in all his ways." 
James 1:8
Saxon son's-of-Jacob are made in the image of the WORD. The strongest rebukes are levied against those who will not take a stand on questions of right or wrong. This rebuke is for sons of Jacob - the "Isaacson", the Saxon. "Right" or "wrong" has little meaning to the sons of Esau. Their people are different and their system is different.

Esau's Sons - Double-Minded
Esau's son's are "double-minded". These peoples are descended from Turk invaders of the mid-east. Turks were and are merchants. They are also warriors when the things they covet can't be gotten by trade.

FOOTNOTE: "Turk" is a generic name for the warlike mixed-breed descendants of Esau, dwellers of the deserts, the same as "Arab" is a generic name. The Chinese gave them their names, "Hun", "Mongol", "Turk", etc. based on the dates of their invasions of China, but they are all basically the same people.

Merchants tend to welcome with open arms all who enter their doors - in spite of taboos that others may have to the contrary. 

For instance: Talmudic Law of the Jewish-Turks may teach a certain opinion on a matter. The footnotes accompanying the opinion often give an opposing opinion rendered by another respected Rabbi. A Jewish- Turk can choose either opinion in good conscience. Conflicts arising from two equally legitimate but opposing clashing opinions are taken to the local Rabbi to be adjudicated - and life goes on.

Since the ultimate decision of what is right and what is wrong does not rest in the Talmud, but in the Rabbi, it really makes no difference what a Jew says, thinks, or does about anything. Conflicts, when they occur, are taken to a higher authority and their rulings are final; unless of course, they are overruled by a still higher authority. 

I have seen Jews jump from one opinion to the opposing opinion without blinking an eye or making an apology - just because of a changed opinion from a higher authority. Most opinions by individual Jews on anything have the validity of "smoke" or of a "falling leaf". In the final analysis, the opinion of their "higher authority" will be their opinion. I find the Jewish world "double-minded" and incomprehensible. They find my world full of illogical obstacles that to them are foolish. 

Sen. Diane Feinstein recently said on TV that the Taliban produced drugs to finance world terrorism and that the US stopped the trade. This statement was the exact opposite of the truth. The Taliban stopped the drug trade and the US installed puppet government is again replanting the poppy fields to re-start the drug trade. Diane Feinstein didn't bat an eye when telling this whopper. It served her purpose to say the opposite of what was the truth. 

The Arab-Turk World
The Arab-Turk world of Esau is the same. Endless dos and don'ts from the Koran are constantly violated because their ruler decided to do this or that instead. For years many Islamic rulers practiced usury and drank alcohol in violation of the Koran. In certain Islamic countries today usury and drinking alcohol are still countenanced by their rulers. In other Islamic lands they aren't. In one Islamic country you act one way - in another you act the opposite. Either way is acceptable to the average Muslim and his mullah if it's agreeable with the ruler who is the final authority. Again, "Double mindedness."

Turks - Long Time Enminty
Saxon's enminty with Turks - Islamic, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Christian Turks - is ancient. It did not come about unannounced recently. The WORD says this about Esau, the ancestor of today's Turks: "Esau was a designing and deceitful man, one who hunted after the hearts of man and inveigled them." Jasher 28:20
FOOTNOTE: The literal meaning of the Hebrew is, "He stole their minds," a figure in the original to express deceit, falsehood and fraud.

"Esau hated Jacob ... and Esau said ... I (will) slay my brother Jacob." Ge 27:41
God the WORD curses Esau: 
"Isaac have I loved but Esau have I hated." Romans 9:13 
Because of Turk double-mindedness, the Saxon must draw close to the WORD to discover what is truth. The WORD says that the accursed Esau whom God hates is father of the Edomites.
"Esau the father of the Edomites." Gen 36:8,9 
When talking to each other, Esau's children more often than not speak truthfully to avoid complete chaos. For instance they say things like the following; 
"Edom is in modern Jewry." Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, 1925 edition, vol 5, p 41. 
Esau's King
The Sons-of-Esau have constantly fought the Sons-of-Jacob through the ages. Time after time they were close to victory but were defeated because of their own treachery toward each other - they often betray their own people. After one particularly humiliating debacle they met and agreed to the following:
"The sons of Esau swore, saying, from that day forward they would not choose a king from their brethren, but one from a strange land until this day." Jasher 57:40 
This is why the DNA of the leaders of one particularly strong Turk group is different from the rank and file of the rest of the group (see HR #329). 

Jewish-Turks are often blamed for the world's ills and crusades are raised against them - but nothing ever comes of the crusades. They continue doing what they have always done. How can this be? Simply because as the "civil service" of the International Trade Cartel they enjoy universal protection. Their rulers are from another nation.

The Turk is a merchant. It's what he does. Merchants trade for money. To him - "Money answereth all things." Ec 10:19.

Arab-Turk Invasions
There have been many invasions of Saxon lands by the merchant- warriors of Esau. Among the first to feel their wrath were our Gothic ancestors.

Our grandfathers were called Saxon and Scythian. Another of their names was "Goth" - God's people.

FOOTNOTE: "The names Saxon, Scythian and Goth are used interchangeably." History Of The Anglo Saxon, Sharon Turner, London, 1852. 

They were the descendants of Jacob- Israel deported from the Mid-East almost a thousand years before Christ. The Russian and European rivers were their highways of frequent travel between their colonies scattered from the Baltic in the north to their prosperous farming communities on the shores of the Black and Caspian Seas. 

Attila The Hun
One day, without warning, the eastern part of the Black Sea Gothic nation was overrun by Huns who suddenly poured out of the wilderness and deserts. There was no warning. The atrocities committed against our people were shocking. The eastern Goths were made captive and became tributaries.

The conquered Goths were required to obey Hunnic edicts. The conquered ones were called "Ostrogoths" - "East Goths". The part of the Gothic nation that escaped westward were called "Visigoths". The Huns forced the Goths they had conscripted into their armies to fight their escaping kinsmen. Goths fighting Goths. 

The Hun Advance
In pursuit of the Visigoths, the Huns sacked outlying Roman Provinces (the Romans were also Gothic kinsmen), selling the loot to merchants of their own kind who had been permitted to enter the Roman Empire and renegade Roman merchants. Some believe that this was done with the approval of the all-seeing Roman Church.

FOOTNOTE: HR #312, "Attila"; #215, "Battle of the Cattalonian Fields".

Many Romans settlements and German tribes stood in the way of the Hunnic advance across Europe. These were overrun one at a time by the Huns. They too were forced to furnish soldiers for the Hunnic juggernaut.

At last, the Hun invasion reached France. With their backs to the wall, the Goths joined their former Roman enemies to face the common Hun enemy. Together they had more than half a million men. The Huns had more than half a million - mostly Goth, German, and Roman. They fought and the total dead were more than half a million. The Hun horde lost over 300,000, but it is said that the Huns themselves actually lost only a few thousand. The majority of their casualties were suffered by their captive auxiliaries - Goths and Germans.

Attila was later killed by a lone German princess who objected to being taken to Attila's bed. Attila's death shattered the Hunnic alliance. The Huns themselves scattered. The largest contingent settled in Hungary - which bears their name. The captive Goths and German nations they had ruled escaped, vowing never to be enslaved again.

Genhgis Khan
Genghis Khan ordered one of his lieutenants to take a contingent of Mongols west. It is said that they numbered only about 5,000. Following the example of their earlier Hunnic kinsmen, they gathered soldiers from the tribes they conquered and arrived in the West with armies of auxiliaries numbering in the hundreds of thousands. They conquered all before them.

Arriving in the Near East they found the land occupied by "Turks", a kindred people who had taken the land from "Arabs", still another kindred people - different names but the same basic people.

"Genghis Khan first set about uniting the various Turkic and Mongol tribes of central Asia under his authority." p235 (The Crusades Through Arab Eyes, Amin Maalouf, Schocken Books, NY c1984)
Genghis Khan's armies arrived from the north and east at the same time the Crusader armies arrived from the west. Fortunately for the Crusaders, Genghis Khan died which caused a recall of the Mongols while a new leader was chosen. 

It is important to note the importance of "leaders" to Esau's children. Deprived of leaders, the children of Esau mill about and in time disperse. This happened when Attila died and when Genghis Khan died. This is one reason that today, Esau has learned to carefully conceal the identity of his leader. The result is; 

"The unknown enemy is the unopposed enemy."
Saladin was the son of a Kurdish soldier who became the Turk- Eygptian-general-ruler of Islam. This son of Esau, by diplomacy and war, united the Arab-Turk world to oppose the Crusaders. He set a new standard. He accomplished more with diplomacy and deception than with force.

A predecessor of today's media propagandists, he kept rooms full of scribes busy writing propaganda letters to powerful Arabic and Turkic leaders and merchants throughout Islam. These letters won most readers to Saladin (a preview of today's Turkic media). This forced local rulers to ally themselves with Saladin or risk a revolt by their own subjects.

Saladin's skillful use of propaganda and force united all Islam which presented an impenetrable obstacle to Crusader ambitions.

Saladin's death caused the region to disintegrate into bickering squabbling groups - until the next leader came along. 

Esau Is Now Worldwide
The Children of Esau invaded India several times and spread their blood throughout the land. Some became Hindu, others followed Islam. Arab traders spread their blood to Africa. Some became Moslem, others practiced Voodoo, and some became Christian. 

United and inflamed by the teachings of Mohammad, Esau descendants swept over Syria, Egypt, Turkey, the Mid-East, North Africa, Southern Italy, and Southern Spain. Spanish mixed-breed soldiers spread their blood into Central and S. America. China absorbed Turkic invaders and joined the world of Turks. 

Today, Esau's media cloak covers the world with lies and misrepresentations. "Truth" is what Esau says it is. Esau's usury-banks rule the world's commerce. Esau's "Dharma" has become the cornerstone of Western religion and is now considered normal.

FOOTNOTE: Hindu: "Dharma" - non-violence, obedience, tolerance of other peoples and their gods without regard to "race, creed, or nationality" - to which has been added "sexual preference" or "gender".

Buddhist technique of pacifying divergent populations to expedite trade. "Dharmitized - to be subdued by Dharma. "Dharmamatra" - government enforcer of Dharma.

Esau controls puppet governments, puppet religions, and puppet world commerce. Esau's children have invaded the Saxon world en masse - they challenge Isaac's-sons when they walk their own streets in their own lands.

Just as was done by Attila, Genghis Khan, and Saladin - Esau uses Saxon puppets to fight other Saxon nations. He uses Saxon puppet kings to fight Slavic Serbia. Esau uses puppet Saxon kings to fight separatists wherever they are found so that they won't one day become a problem. 

Turk In-Fighting
At the present time Esau is fighting Esau in an ongoing Mideast civil war. This sort of warfare has been the salvation of Jacob- Israel in the past and may be its salvation once again. In the bloodlust against Palestanian-Turks who occupy land the Khazar- Turks covet, the Khazar-Turk controlled media have unleashed an unprecedented attack on the Islamic religion. They have allowed their media a field-day to nit-pick and bisect and disect the teachings of the Koran for all to see.

Islam's God
The Khazar-Turk media has rapidly taught the Saxon world about Islam and the belief system of those who follow the Koran. It is basic to successful warfare to know such things about your enemy since most of what people think comes from their religion.

The West has discovered that Islam is not a religion of "peace". In essence, it teaches that the world consists of two groups: "Muslims" (adherents to Islam) and "infidels" (those who don't accept Islam).

Both the Koran, Islam's most sacred writing, and the Hadith, second to the Koran, call for killing of all infidels (see Koran, Surah 8:60; 9:14: 8:12- 17). Its founder, Mohammed, taught that next to believing in Allah, participating in Jihad (holy war) for Allah's cause is the greatest deed for Muslims (see Hadith, Al Burkhari, vol. 1:25).

Islam teaches peace to deceive until strong enough for war. Islam's God is a god of WAR! The infidel is the target.

The Zionist God
The Zionist-Turks opened the door by discussing Islam. This opens the door to discuss their own "Talmudism", since they are the ones fighting Islam. This Talmudism is also an interesting God.

While both Palestanian Turks and Khazar Turks follow the same war god - the Khazar-Turks consider the "war God" a secondary God. The primary God is the "God of Deception". Even the motto of the Israeli secret service mirrors this philosophy, "Make war by way of Deception".

To the Jew, "Deception" is not a vague ideal, it is central to their religion - their way of life. It is their primary God. Every year they worship this God with their Kol Nidre Prayer which is sung at evening service on the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur): 

"All vows, obligations, oaths, anathemas... which we may vow, or swear, or pledge, or whereby we may be bound, from this day of atonement unto the next... we do repent. May they be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, and void and made of no effect: They shall not bind us nor have power over us. The vows shall not be reckoned vows; the obligations shall not be obligatory; nor the oaths be oaths." Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol VIII, p. 539.
This prayer is the thing that makes the Jewish merchant "double minded" - which to the Jew is an asset, not something bad. Kol Nidre is the merchant's code that carries over into their other activities. The Kol Nidre prayer nullifies promises in advance.

FOOTNOTE: I must say that in business transactions I have been flim-flammed by more "Judeo-Christian" preachers than I have by Jews. At least the Jews involved were obeying their God. The way men handle money reveals their commitment to their religion.

Kol Nidre makes the word, contract, promise, or any kind of agreement made with those following the precepts of the Kol Nidre suspect. 

Esau is as the prophets of God the WORD said - "deceptive and given to violence". 

The study of the Turk and his religions reveal that violence is inherent in his nature. We learn that Turks who follow Islam will remain at war against infidels as long as infidels live - regardless of what they say.

We learn that the Talmudism of the Khazar-Turk is also violent, but it is different in that its central part is deception. We know that using "deception" makes it possible to persuade people to believe whatever it is that you want them to believe. We know that Deception must often be accompanied with "truth suppression", or censorship. This is necessary to prevent the deception from being uncovered. 

We know that the NY Fire Department protested the removal of the Trade Towers wreckage without allowing it to undergo the customary inspection - this indicates a "deception" coverup. 

We know that the Oklahoma City wreckage was disposed of without allowing it to be inspected - this indicates a "deception" coverup. 

We know that the Waco wreckage was disposed of without being inspected - this indicating a "deception" coverup. 

We have learned to suspect that every time the Turk media says anything or reports anything - deception is likely involved. We read that the U.S. and Russia are to reduce their arsenals by 2/3rds to achieve "peace". This report comes from the same people whose religion teaches "deception". Such a nuclear reduction could make the Israeli nation the most powerful nuclear country in the world.

If a union of all the world's Turkic nations is achieved with help from puppet American armies - the unrealized dream of ancient Turk rulers of a union of Turk peoples will have been realized. Add to that a virtual nuclear monopoly and something else is possible: 

Our God the WORD warned:

"Esau said ... I (will) slay my brother Jacob." Ge 27:41 We know that we are that Jacob whom Esau hated, and we know that our God said:

"Isaac have I loved but Esau have I hated." Romans 9:13

He also said:
"The house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble ... and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau." Obadiah 18 

The Queen Mother
The recent death of the Queen Mother brought back memories of half a century ago.

I was a law student at William & Mary in Williamsburg when the Queen Mother visited what was once the Crown's capitol of Virginia. Most of us had never seen a queen before. The student body crowded both sides of the walkway as she approached on the way to the Wren Building. The buzz of voices gradually became silent the closer she came.

Every few yards the Queen stopped to speak to this student or that. She stopped right in front of me, and there she was. I looked down on her from my 6 feet to her 5'4" or thereabouts, but I didn't feel like I was looking down on her. 

She was 50 years younger than the accompanying picture - and she was pretty. She was dressed in blue. She had a blue hat, a blue veil, a blue dress, a blue pocketbook, blue stockings, blue shoes, and the bluest blue eyes you ever saw - and those eyes had a smile in them. There was absolutely, positively not one single ounce of doubt about it - this was the Queen! And she was standing still right in front of me - and she was speaking, she was speaking - to me! 

She said: "And how do you like it here?"

This was my chance. 

I had lots of things I would like to discuss with her. How my family and her's had been allies back in Scotland. Perhaps we could find out what in the devil made her daughter and son-in-law so rude when they visited Virginia. You don't waste this kind of chance - the chance of a lifetime. 

I answered; "Jes' fine, ma'am". 

She smiled and walked on.



WHICH SIX MILLION?: "Martin Glenn, the past Governor of New York, in a major speech in October 1919 in Albany, NY reported at length to a rapt audience on the `extermination of six million Jews and the holocaust of European Jewry' during `the Great War.' ... The Full speech of Mr. Glenn was printed, among others, in the October 31, 1919 issue of the American Hebrew Magazine published for the American Jewish Committee." (The Christian News, p.18, 1-10-94)

RKH: There are now more than 100 holocaust museums and research centres throughout the US and a Holocaust monument in nearly every major US city, including NY, Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles, Tampa Bay, Houston and Dallas and the trend is growing. 

These museums should remove the uncertainty surrounding which holocaust is being commemorated. Undoubtedly there are millions of descendents of survivors of WWII receiving reparations who are entitled to add claims for WWI reparations to their existing WWII ones. That is of course assuming that the WWII claims aren't actually the WWI claims that were delayed until after WWII. If the latter is the case they are also entitled to WWII claims which they were defrauded out of by the laxness of the American Jewish Committee in not making a greater issue of it in 1919 and filing lawsuits, and by presently not informing survivors of even greater opportunities. I have little doubt that in due time we shall hear demands for another $100 billion or so.


AMERICAN EMPIRE: "The American empire wants to make globalization a reality. All those opposed to that should be aware that the US will fight them. The era of respect for human rights is over, as is shown by the disgraceful conditions in the Guantanamo, Cuba penal colony, where many Europeans (including French, British, and Spanish citizens) have been imprisoned in cages. The IMF, World Bank and WTO axis of evil has been hiding its true nature. Now it can be seen for what it really is." Adelaide Institute, by Ignacio Ramont. http:// /2002/03/01axis http:// /2002/03/01axis 


UKRAINE'S SS: The authorities in the town of Ivano-Frankovsk in western Ukraine passed a resolution giving the 14th SS Galicia division the status of 'fighters for the freedom and independence of Ukraine'. Up to 10 million Ukrainians died in the famine engineered by Stalin in the early 1930s. The Ukrainians were so poorly treated by the Soviet regime that many felt they had little choice but to take up the German's invitation to fight. The move has been condemned by the Ukrainian Jewish Congress.


LATVIA SS: "In Latvia, Feb 16, 1943 was picked as commemoration date because of the heavy casualties suffered by the 15th and 19th Latvian SS divisions in battle with the Soviet Army at the Velikaya River in Opochenskiy District in Russia. A total of 140,000 volunteers formed the Latvian Legion and about 50,000 of them died in the war or deportations following the restoration of Soviet rule in Latvia." Adelaide Institute 

RKH: The WWII SS is hated by establishment agents to this day because each European country, including England, France and Russia, furnished contingents to fight Communism - now called Globaliziation. It was understood that soldiers from the European countries who fought in their own countries' SS units to defend against communist-globalization would build their own separatist futures after the war. Because of this, no other soldiers have suffered such continuous persecution by the WWII victors as have the soldiers of the SS. 


GLOBALIZATION LAW: "Proposals by Brussels would make racism and xenophobia serious crimes in Britain for the first time, carrying a prison sentence of two years or more. The draft plans define "racism" and "xenophobia" as an aversion to individuals based on "race, colour, descent, religion or belief, national or ethnic origin". In Germany, a historian who reported that Auschwitz prisoners enjoyed cinemas, a swimming pool and brothels was sentenced to 10 months in jail; and an American served three years of a four-year sentence for distributing anti-holocaust material." Adelaide Institute


CAFFEINE: "Even as little as one cup of coffee - can cause temporary stiffening of the blood vessel walls, Greek researchers say." Investors Business Daily 


MULTICULTURALISM: People provide their king with tribute. More peoples provide more tribute. Each separate people ruled by the king has a God which has rules. Each culture ruled by the king has a God that has rules; each religion's God has rules.

When the rules of these Gods conflict - the king must judge between the Gods. The ability to judge the wisdom of the Gods makes the king greater than the Gods. Such a great king can then forbid his subjects from calling on the wisdom of their God for guidence at football games, or honoring their God at Christmas or in the nation's courts, or obeying their God if that God's rules displease the king. 

Such a powerful king is then like caesar since there is no God or man as great as he.


TEN COMMANDMENTS: A federal judge in West Chester County, Pennsylvania has ruled that a bronze plaque of the Ten Commandments be covered until an appeal challenging its existence is heard. The ACLU has filed suit against four more Kentucky counties, claiming that the the display of the Ten Commandments is unconstitutional. (National Liberty Journal)

RKH: Pharoah was represented by Horus the Raven; Emperor Napoleon was represented by the Eagle; America's government is represented by the Eagle; When God's Law and the king's law conflict - those choosing the king's law worship "Horus". Horus is the state - a different God from the WORD. Nothing's new. Does your preacher teach the WORD or the king's word?


VENTURA: Gov Jesse Ventura proclaimed June as "Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Celebration Month," while simultaneously refusing to issue a proclamation marking May 2 as a "National Day Of Prayer". (National Liberty Journal, May 2002) 

RKH: ALL who climb the Cartel ladder of success MUST conform to get either "favorable media" or "cartel money". 


ATOMIC WEAPONS: "Israel has become the third most powerful atomic arsenal in the world after the US and Russia. They have now surpassed England, France and China. London Times


HINDUISM & JOBS: Pakistani Muslims are three times more likely to be jobless than Hindus. 

RKH: The Cartel looks after its own.


TERROR: "`Anything that makes us feel safer. A sterile needle under the fingernails, that isn't life threatening,' said Alan Dershowitz, big-name liberal, big-name defense lawyer, big-name Harvard law professor. On Jan 29, 02...

"War-drums, Dershowitz, and glib high-level assurances that the `war on terrorism' will never really end, offer a suspicious subtext - that any resistance, anywhere, to the New World Order will be branded as `terrorism' and crushed by every weapon at hand." (Dr. Susan Huck, Aida Parker Newsletter)

Liberal's Reward
"Sir Garfield Todd, former Prime Minister of Rhodesia and long- time loyal supporter of Robert Mugabe - and one of the few Whites the dictator recognized as having been a champion of the `liberation' struggle - has been deprived of his Zimbabwe citizenship. 

"Earlier, a disillusioned Todd, 93, had attacked Mugabe's seizure of White farms. ... In early February Todd received a registered letter from the home affairs ministry advising that he had ceased to be a Zimbabwe citizen. ...

"Todd now says: `I am horrified by the destruction of our economy, the starving of our people, the undermining of our constitution, the torture and humiliation of our nation by Zanu- PF.'" Aida Parker Newsletter, PO Box 91059, Auckland Park 2006, South Africa, Annual sub airmail U.S. $80.

RKH: Brainwashed liberals are sick people. They are shocked into reality only when looking into the gun barrel of an hereditary enemy whom they selflessly tried to help. Until then, they blindly step over the bodies of their own kinsmen vainly attempting to build the forbidden Tower of Babel.