DOUBLE-CROSS & Jim Crow                         #332

 "You can get your soft drink here but you have to drink it somewhere else!" 

This is what I was told when I stopped for a cold soft drink at a Colored drug store on a hot summer day. I was a white boy and the Colored drug store enforced a "carry-out" policy.

I was walking from old E.C. Glass where I went to summer school, down 5th Street to Main Street to catch a bus home. 

"Fifth Street" was the colored business district. It was big, crowded, noisy - money flowed. It took several minutes to wait for people to move when driving through. Last week I drove down 5th Street and saw 4 blacks crossing the street to a church. They were the only blacks in sight. "5th Street" as I knew it doesn't exist anymore. The Cartel put an end to it. 

A Basic Fact
The Empire teaches that blacks can't do without whites. This is hammered day after day regardless of facts to the contrary. The public is constantly being told that blacks need whites to tell them what to do; advise them, help them, console them, counsel them, pat their backs and encourage them. But, in spite of this the fact is - blacks really prefer blacks. 

Blacks may like the cars and TVs provided by white technology; they may like to have their pictures in the media, and like the acclaim and money that white society showers on them - but blacks prefer blacks. 

At times blacks may fear other blacks and seek white protection. My uncle, Judge Deane Hundley, of Dunnsville, told me about the times blacks came to his home seeking protection from other blacks who were on drunken rampages and had sworn to kill them. Two days later these same enemies were walking down the street together laughing. In spite of disputes, given a choice, blacks prefer their own black society.

The black desire to live in their own black society is well known and has been used to control them. 

The Second Basic Fact
The world is organized as an episcopacy - rule from the top down. The inner circle of the cartel's episcopacy are few in number. Their immense power is derived from their incredible wealth accumulated over the centuries by usury banking, trade, and war. 

This International Trade Cartel (ITC) doesn't need large numbers. It hires agents. It appoints kings to rule, great merchants to manage, and selects priests it needs to teach "universalism" to all Cartel subjects and to justify and bless Cartel's acts. 

Post War
In the Southland after the War Between The States, there were three opposing interest groups. These were the blacks, the whites, and the Federal Government - run by the Republican Party and representing Cartel business interests. 

The Cartel's media divided the whites into opposing factions - Northern Saxon vs Southern Saxons. They divided the blacks into opposing factions - Cartel blacks vs Nationalist blacks.

Contending factions were continuously agitated. Northern Saxons vs Southern Saxon; Cartel blacks vs black nationalists, and the entire white bloc vs the entire black bloc. This constant agitation prevented the nationalist groups from working together to solve their common problems and allowed the government to manipulate them to achieve Cartel objectives.

Understanding Contracts & Policy
To avoid signed documents that might be used to upset their vaunted "rule by law" - the Cartel substituted "policy".

An example: People once knew that crime was a near-monopoly of the alien. Newspapers reporting crimes included the race of the criminal. Most criminals were aliens - it said so right there in the paper. This was important information - to the nationalist.

Terminology Review - Castes
We must keep our terms straight. The Cartel has three ruling castes.

When the Cartel's Priestly Caste ruled - the biggest buildings in town were churches and the message was "universalism". Everyone was welcome to accept the rule of the priest. Those who didn't were treated as outcasts. When kings ruled the biggest buildings were government buildings and everyone was welcome (or required) to become the king's subjects and tax payers. When the merchant rules the greatest buildings are trade office buildings. Everyone is welcome to do business with the Cartel. Everyone.

Nationalism forms among peoples with similar interests. Almost all agrarian societies are nationalist. There are religious groups that are nationalistic - Shintoists, Voodooist, Muslim. and Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, etc.

The most nationalistic of them all are racial nationalisms. Those of the same race can distinguish a fellow from all others at a glance. Most races share a common religion and common aspirations. Anyone of whatever race tends to sympathize with those of his own kind. He can do nothing else. Black, white, yellow or brown - those with similar racial backgrounds tend to be just what the Cartel propagandists call them - racist!. He can't help being what he is. Denial is laughable.

The greatest enemy of the Cartel merchant is the Nationalist. He tends to want to deal with his own kind and exclude the Cartel and his agents. The next worst Cartel enemy is the racial-nationalists. The absolute insufferable enemy is the religious-racial-nationalists. If you wonder why you are the focal point of abuse by the Cartel media - stop wondering. It makes you appear ignorant.

Mixed Breed
The least difficult to rule and to manipulate is the mixed- breed.

He has no common race to use as a rallying point to oppose Cartel rule since he is torn between many races. Therefore, the subject most desired by Cartel "kings", "priests", and "merchants" is the mixed-breed. This is why "universalism" or "integration" is an intregal part of Cartel rule.

Solving The Perception Problem
It is difficult to promote the integration needed to develop mixed-race Cartel subjects when Saxons perceive aliens as being either criminals or potential criminals. 

This problem was solved when the Cartel instructed its media to stop reporting the criminal's race. When the criminal's race is unknown - the criminal is whomever the media says it is. One day, all across the Saxon world, newspapers stopped reporting that most criminals were aliens.

Today, if 100 crimes are committed and 97 are committed by aliens and three by Saxons - the Saxon's crime is reported and lawlessness by aliens is ignored. 

This media censorship tends to mold opinion to believe that Saxons commit most violent crimes and those crimes are "hate" crimes. I have never seen a written Cartel document confirming this policy, but I know the policy exists. "Policy" is unofficial - an agreement less visible - but no less binding.

Necessary Force
The self-sufficient farm system of the South had little need for anything the Cartel offered. It produced its own wealth and attended to its own wants and needs. The only way the Cartel could obtain Southern wealth was to use force. John Brown and instigated slave revolts provided the preliminaries. "The Secret Six", by Otto Scott exposed the identity of the Cartel merchants who financed John Brown, and newspaper files carry story after story of the type of propaganda used to incite blacks to revolt against their white masters - as it had done earlier in Haiti. 

Slave Revolt Fails
Instigation of a slave revolt was remarkably unsuccessful. Except for a few Nat Turner type incidents, black slaves were loyal to their masters. They had nothing to gain by being disloyal. The South had promised them freedom and ownership of their own farms in Liberia. "Wenches" to be transported on reaching the age 18 and "Bucks" at 21. Those over those ages would live and die in America. In time, repatriation would solve the black/white problem. That was the plan.

The Cartel counter-offer to the blacks was that their freedom would be granted immediately and once free they were to have their own black Republics right here in America. However, blacks had seen tens of thousands of their fellows leave for their farms in Africa. Repatriation was real - Radical abolition and black Republics were only "pie in the sky".

Black Vote
In 1850, the Cartel launched the Republican Party. It was a minority party. It then engineered a three-way election to split the white vote and put Lincoln in office. Once in office Lincoln became a dictator. Bypassing Congress he used executive orders to initiate and wage a successful war against the South. 

To continue ruling after the War, the Republican Party could no longer count on a 3-way split among white voters. They desperately needed more voters to form a majority. To gain this majority they disfranchised anti-Republican Southern whites and franchised the former black slaves.

With this realignment - the vote taken from Southern whites and given to the blacks - the Republican Party then had the numbers, the votes, and a lock on government. It had a "shooting license" and could do anything it wanted to do. 

Black Government Policy
Cartel carpetbaggers were sent South to direct the vote of their new black legislators.

Blacks were shown how to elect themselves to office and were instructed to vote land taxes. Hard pressed white Southern land owners had no way to pay them. Blacks were shown how to vote themselves lavish salaries. This required higher taxes. They were shown how to vote for public works. This necessitated even higher taxes. 

Protected by Federal occupation troops and guided by Cartel carpetbaggers - the blacks commenced a reign of terror against the disarmed and defenseless whites - similar to the one now being waged against defenseless white South Africans.

As far as the Cartel was concerned - the "terror" was a continuation of the softening process needed to appropriate prime Southern farmland; As far as the blacks were concerned - the "terror" was to realize the black Republics that they had been promised. Before they could have their black Republics the rest of the Southern whites had to be driven from the land. "Black Republics" was part of the understanding. It was "policy".

Whites by the thousands fled the black terror. Wagon trains headed west from the Southland. My own Kelly ancestors fled first to Missouri and then to Texas for safety. This is why my mother was born in Tyler, Texas. The Southland was being emptied of whites and was becoming a black wasteland ruled by blacks who intended turning it into black Republics.

The Land Double-Cross
At the very time black rulers were driving whites from the land under protection of Union bayonets, the Cartel advertised in Europe for immigrants to move onto Southern farms and plantations now owned by Cartel land companies. The potential for profit was enormous. Prime plantation land bought at tax sales for $1 an acre was offered at half pre-war price which had been as high as $400 to $800 an acre. It was a real bargain for the European buyer and a bonanza for the Cartel merchant.

However, this plan violated the unwritten long-standing black/Cartel understanding. Southern black legislators were outraged. In retaliation they passed laws preventing foreign white immigrants from entering the South. There was talk about seizing the millions of acres of Cartel-held farmland. 

The Alliance Double-Cross
Having welshed on their agreement to turn the South into black Republics, the Cartel now double-crossed their former black allies again. This is why:

The threat by black Legislatures to seize Cartel land caused Cartel leaders to re-assess their alliances. The blacks were now considered unmanageable and the Cartel had to protect its investments. 

Cartel representatives sat down with the disfranchised and despised white leaders and hammered out a new white/Cartel "policy". They were to join their forces to remove black rule.

The New Cartel/White Policy
In exchange for helping Southern whites regain political rule from the blacks - the Cartel agreed to change Northern white opinion from "anti" to "pro-South" - a necessary condition for the change to take place.

In return, the South must guarantee Cartel land ownership and not try to reclaim it.

There were other conditions. Southerners must refrain from calling out and killing obnoxious Cartel newspaper editors in duels. Dueling had been the former Southern way of dealing with lying newspaper editors. The entire agreement was spelled out in Pike's The Prostrate State. 

True to its word, the Cartel had the new agreement incorporated in a book written exposing the excesses of black rule in the South. This was The Prostrate State by Pike. This book was widely advertised by the Cartel media and thousands of copies were sold which reversed Northern opinion of the South in less than a year. The last newspaper editor was shot in Richmond in the 1870s.

The result: Southern whites regained political power minus their wealth; the Cartel kept the Southern wealth they had seized; and the blacks were forced to negotiate with Southern whites to salvage what they could in search of the ever illusive "black society" they had been seeking.

The Triple Double-Cross
Given a free hand Southern whites, by hook and by crook, stopped blacks from voting. This stopped their rule over whites. Former Northern allies now gave them a cold shoulder and they had nowhere to go. Except for a few skilled artisans, blacks could work either as domestics or as laborers.

Black nationalists and Southern white nationalists sat down and hammered out their own black/white policy. In exchange for peacefully relinquishing political rule, whites guaranteed blacks their own black-ruled society and a guaranteed way to make a living. A tall order for a bankrupt people.

Building A Black Society
Blacks sold me a soft drink on my walk downtown- and then told me I couldn't drink it there. Look! The important thing to the universalists is that I couldn't drink a soft-drink in the drugstore. The important thing to the nationalists is that blacks had their own drugstore! There was more to it than that.

Creating this black society was a hardship to Southern whites, but they did the best they could - which was pretty good. Blacks, notoriously poor farmers, were still given "40 acres and a mule". "40-acres and a mule" was an opportunity for many blacks to wing it on their own - if they could.

Blacks wanted their own businesses. However, black businesses couldn't compete with better stocked and managed white businesses. 

To enable blacks to engage in business, laws were passed preventing white merchants from selling to blacks if a black business offered the same items. Protected by this law, black businesses sprang up overnight. That drug store - black hotels and motels were common; black restaurants, clothing stores, department stores, movie theatres, shoe shops, and hardware stores - protected black businesses sprang up everywhere. 

Certain white merchants were accused of selling items to blacks that black merchants carried. Black merchants didn't like it - this crossover trading - neither did the white population. Legal action was often taken to stop it.

When I was young, the best department store in Lynchburg was Millner's. Next was Guggenheimers, then came "Leggett's" - owned by Harold Leggett, a Lynchburg man. Bringing up the tail end was a much smaller black-owned department store up on 5th Street.

I was told that Harold Leggett did everything he could to attract the Negro trade, even breaking the "separation law". People who worked for him told me that he favored blacks over whites every chance he got and looked on them as an untapped gold mine.

The big merchants in Lynchburg did all they could to have separation laws struck down. Harold Leggett was among these leaders. In time they were successful and almost instantly white competition drove independent blacks out of business. This caused an influx of black shoppers into white owned stores like Leggett's Department Store. Leggett's has since merged with Belk and is now Belk-Leggett, part of a national chain.

The former leaders, Millner's and Guggenheimer's went out of business, and ALL black businesses formerly protected by separation laws were put out of business. Black hotels and motels stood empty. Stores formerly occupied by black businesses up on 5th Street black business district stood empty. Most have been torn down. Even the black movie theatre is gone. Black parents complain that today's Dunbar school doesn't enforce discipline or teach its students nearly as well as was done when Dunbar was black and had black teachers and a black principal like Mr. Seay. 

Abe Schewel
Various parties had fingers in the Southern pie. One of the parties were the Jews. The Jews have long operated as the Cartel's "civil service". Lynchburg had had little experience with them before the War and up until about 1880. At that time individual Jewish merchants began to arrive supplied with enough operating capital to begin whatever they wanted to do. They had money when no one else did.

I went to Saturday cowboy movies at the old Trenton Theater. It was across the street from the Schewel's Furniture Store. I always arrived early so as not to miss anything, and developed the habit of visiting old Mr. Abe Schewel, the Store's owner. He was a nice old man. 

Mr. Schewel sat in his rocking chair in the corner of his store in the middle of his rug department looking out the corner show windows. He was as much on display as were his rugs. I would sit on a rolled up rug in front of him and listen to his stories. He was a good story teller.

He told me what it was like when his family came to Lynchburg in the 1880s. They came from Odessa in Southern Russia. We talked about the horses and wagons loaded with tobacco on Main Street. Tobacco was the big business then. 

At that time, Lynchburg's newspapers were involved with a heated discussion about sending Jews to the colored schools since they were a colored race. That didn't bother old Mr. Schewel. He had his own agenda.

He told me how he had provided money to organize Lynchburg's NAACP. He said "the Negroes love me for it", and "one day I will have all their business". He was right.

In time, the Cartel's Jewish financed and Jewish led NAACP whose long time national leaders were the Spingarn brothers, brought suit against separate E.C. Glass High School and colored "take- out" eating policy at Patterson's Drug Store across the street from Mr. Schewel's store, and won all the legal cases. Universalism overwhelmed Separation. Mr. Schewel won battles sitting quietly rocking in the show window of his store talking to little boys.

Mr. Schewel's NAACP was the Trojan Horse that destroyed black business and white separatism while telling the world that they were advancing Negro rights. The other furniture stores that catered exclusively to whites went out of business. Schewel's chain of furniture stores prospered mightily and has spread all across the state. 

Repatriation Double-Cross
One of the saddest things I believe I ever saw were the comments of blacks after Col. Cox's talk to the Virginia legislature in Richmond. 

I heard his talk. It was given standing ovations in Virginia's House of Delegates. Everyone was enthusiastic. I thought that financing would instantly be voted and the race problem was as good as solved. Blacks would go back to Africa where they had a standing open invitation, and we would have our own land to ourselves. Boy, did I have a lot to learn!

Col Earnest Sevier Cox, a descendent of Col. Sevier of Revolutionary War fame, was the first white man to walk from the tip of S. Africa to the Mediterranean Sea. He knew about race first hand. He, along with many thousands of blacks who looked to him for leadership, believed that the only way the race problem would ever be solved was to separate them. 

Col. Cox
I remember my surprise and delight when I discovered Col. Cox's books and found that I was only one among many who was a Saxon nationalist. Col. Cox lived in Richmond, only 50 miles away. I hitchhiked from Williamsburg where I was going to school to see him. "Teutonic Unity" and "White America" were his classics. I discovered that "everyone" had read them.

"Teutonic Unity" dealt with black Colonization. Col. Cox was president of the African Colonization Movement. Virginia's legislature gave him a pat on the back and then dropped the subject. Virginia's politicians were in the Cartel pocket and had no intention of allowing cheap black labor to leave America.

Virginia's refusal to help the blacks with their Repatriation Movement - coming on top of the Marcus Garvey disaster - his arrest by Feds after his monumental effort to buy ships and feed the black tent city of 50,000 at Newport News 30 years before, destroyed black/white co-operation. Black nationalists didn't trust white politicians. It took me, a white nationalist, a long time to learn what blacks already knew - there were other parties who didn't want blacks and whites to cooperate on separation.

There are two kinds of blacks - Cartel blacks and Nationalist blacks. There are two kinds of jews - Cartel jews and Nationalist jews (Zionists). There are two kinds of whites - Cartel whites and Saxon Nationalists.

The Cartel incites nationalists to fight each other so that its empire can rule forever as policeman-peacemaker. Nationalists want to separate from each other and live in peace. There is NO WAY that Cartel workers and supporters are going to help the various nationalists to separate from each other. This makes the following inevitable: 

In time, the world's nationalists will destroy the Tower of Babel, or the Tower will destroy them - just like they destroyed Lynchburg's "5th Street" and Lynchburg's school system.

The Cartel's greatest fear is that one day feuding nationalists will unite to achieve this common goal.


S. African Children
"Dear Dick Hoskins: I think I need hardly tell you that, since the US/UK were kind enough to deliver this country to black Marxist rule, we have gone the way the rest of Africa. The collapse of the country's infrastructure is now so widespread, the economy in such poor shape, that the bulk of the population is suffering greater privation probably than at any time since the SA War (also arranged for us by the British money powers).

 "Among the worst sufferers are the unfortunate Afrikaners, not least because of affirmative action which is based on American legislation. As a direct result of this, there are tens of thousands of poverty-stricken whites living in pretty desperate circumstances. My concern is about the children of these people. At Bronkhorstspruit we run a children's refuge, to accommodate abused or abandoned kiddies, though to be truthful most of them these days are the children of unemployed parents who can no longer feed them.

"Elsewhere, we try to help care for unemployed families living in squatter camps. When I visited the settlement at Vanderbijlpark before I got sick some weeks ago, it was to find numbers of small children suffering severe ulcers on their faces and little bodies, this the result of diet deficiency.

"This is hardly surprising. They have pap (a maize-based gruel) for breakfast, lunch and supper. Just before I went up, I had heard of a new fortified maize-based food, enriched with minerals and vitamins, which had been specially produced to increase the immunity systems of HIV-AIDS victims.

"I managed to trace the manufacturer, and said if it would help AIDS patients, it must also help child deficiency victims? He said they hadn't been in production long enough to look at that, but I was probably right. We bought 1,000 kilos and sent it up. I later spoke to the woman who runs the camp and she told me the kiddies had already improved sharply.

"If you can help us, it would be God's blessing. There are so many of these families, with more and more whites being thrown on the streets all the time. It is a gigantic problem." 

"With every good wish, Aida Parker", Aida Parker Newsletter, PO Box 91059, Auckland Park 2006, South Africa, Annual sub airmail U.S. $80. 

Letter From S. Africa by H.K.
Enclosed is a picture of a faithful little dog lying next to his dead master. It was seen all over Europe. I don't know if American censors allowed it to be seen in America.

Famine is raging as a result of driving white farmers from Zimbabwe. Mugabe now tells his "new farmers" to plant corn, which they can't because the planting season is past. Anyway, the blacks in Zimbabwe know nothing about farming.

England is responsible for this lamentable debacle. Her conduct is nothing to be proud of. They foist Mugabe on the population after a boycott lasting many years. It isn't that they did not know. After Ian Smith stepped down, England would not even let English born passport-holders back into England. Its as if they wanted to destroy their own. Two elderly ladies come to mind when they were refused the right of return to which they were entitled. 

Saamboubank is under liquidation. To satisfy the black government they made loans to blacks who don't pay. 

Mylstrooom is now called by blacks - "The Place Where The Fore- fathers Spirits Dance." A senseless name. The name changing in the Northern Province of Transvaal has removed most Voortrekker town names, but we shall see how far they get. That is one region where the black administration is in chaos. The black police are arrogant and openly show their hatred towards whites. Government/white relations are bad - and it is the whites who are the taxpayers. There is talk of a white tax-strike. You just wouldn't believe what goes on when blacks try to govern.

Aida Parker and those who help her are doing a great job for poor Afrikaners. If only there was work available. Former premier Hans Strydom did much for those who fought in the Anglo-Boer War and lost everything. Their descendants are wealthy farmers today. We of the HNP party, bought the Strydom town house for a museum. We hear of some Zimbabwean farmers who moved to Angola. They build, but the blacks take everything they build. 

I told you about the great falling away from the churches. On Sunday morning in the short service, a professor said that God is a dog; he keeps licking you until you do his bidding. Monsanto, the American company, sponsors this short service during the week. I keep wondering how long this sort of thing will continue unpunished. 

We have just learned of the New Reformation that we are supposed to accept. Robert Funk and Jack Spong have a list of what must be removed from our old beliefs and what must be inserted. God must be removed. Also, The Creation, Original Sin, all Miracles, the power of Evil, the Virgin Birth, the Meaning of the Cross, the Resurrection, the Second Coming of Christ, Prayer and general valid ethical norms. 
Instead of prayer we must meditate and give attention to the needs of our fellow blacks. Instead of placing our trust in God, we must trust the "order of creation" and "the inherent goodness of our fellowman". We must further "enjoy life" and we must "forgive others" if we want them to forgive us. The "new" Afrikaan's Bible has been written with the help of several Rabbis.

The married woman who is head of the female church ministers has had an open affair with another professor who is also married. The termites are busy!

There is no letup in black bad behavior. We have had no telephone for the last 12 days. The telephone wire was stolen and sold. That happens to someone every week now - but we are still required to pay for phone service. To substitute cell phone for telephones is very expensive. 

The European mission overseeing the Zimbabwe election was ordered to leave the country. They were not sympathetic towards Mugabe.

Our HNP leader, Mr. Willie Marais, told our members to get rid of debt. This will not be easy. Everything is expensive and for young people just starting nearly impossible. School fees are a great problem for parents.

Mainland Chinese are coming in again - to our disgust. They eat dogs and if one eats dogs he is perfectly capable of eating people. They want land but say nothing about payment. They want to take building sand and stone from our farm and leave us with their mess as they quarry near our underground water supply. This is something we have tried to prevent through the years. 

There was an interesting incident in my father's family. A young man from Holland wanted to marry my grandmother (several generations ago). But, not knowing his background he had to go back to Holland to get his genealogy and references. This he did but was shipwrecked off the west coast of S. Africa. He swam ashore with the letters well wrapped and turned up to marry the girl. 

I enjoyed the Book of Jubilees very much and have started the Book of Enoch.

Blacks expect whites to respect black graves, but when it comes to white graves, they desecrate them at every opportunity. They never go near the Jewish cemetery.

The price of food and everything else is soaring. Especially petrol which is produced here but sold over the border to black countries for much less. We also supply Mugabe with free electricity - and free electricity to S. African blacks. How long the few white taxpayers will last remains to be seen. They hate us and will kill whites without feeling, but still want everything from us. "You must" and "we demand" are their favorite expressions. 

The latest is dog poisoning. They throw poisoned meat over fences and the animals die in minutes. Now they poison water the cattle drink. They buy poison for R5 a packet from minitaxi drivers. It is always something else. As usual the police say they can do nothing.

Best wishes and thank you for the books. K.J.



IDEA: "Hi; God's Law requiring land rest and canceling debts every 7 years would solve 90% of our problems overnight. Why isn't it discussed?" L.J. - California

RKH: Cartel debt managers do not pay priests to condemn what they do.


GENEALOGY: "Dear Richard Kelly Hoskins: Thank you for HR #266. Because of my aunt I already had my genealogy back to Charlemagne. HR #266 took it the rest of the way back." R.K. - Pennsylvania


SHOOTING: "Dear Mr. Hoskins: Thank you for the newsletter on `How To Shoot A Pistol'. I was drafted and never had basic training and never learned to fire a weapon before I was sent overseas into combat. I was one of the fortunate ones to have survived it." F.F. - Texas


"Dear Mr. Hoskins: Explain the relationship between corporations and kings." D.B. - Kentucky

RKH: Read the following: 
1624 - May 24: England's King James I dissolved the Virginia Company of London and declared Virginia a royal colony. The king instructed Sir Francis Wyatt, the colonial governor, to manage the colony with the help of a new Council and not with a House of Burgesses. (Virginia p. 12, Spring 2002.)

today, the Crown permitted individuals and groups to risk their own capitol to undertake new risky business ventures. If they turned out successful the corporation would take it over and compensate the previous owners. 

Today, inheritance taxes and the like force the sale of successful companies to great corporations who, as a consequence, get bigger still. The slave trade was profitable which is why the Crown became a major partner and why it so vehemently refused when Virginia twice asked the Crown to stop it. Nothing's changed - just names and means of compensation.


VIRGINIA & SC HISTORY: "Dear Mr. Hoskins: Several years ago I visited a family who lived in my area whose ancestors were early settlers in Virginia. The wife gave me a book of family history to read. I came across several references of families massacred by Indians. I asked if there were any details on what had happened. I was told that you didn't need details. Everyone knew what "massacre" meant. 

"Another friend was from S. Carolina. She told me her grandfather was a Captain in the Confederate army. When he was away the federals came and took everything. What they couldn't carry they destroyed. While there they slashed a portrait. It hung in her grandparents home with a large slash on it. Her grandparents kept it that way so no one would forget." M.R. - Pennsylvania


"Dear Mr Hoskins: Blacks are disproportionately arrested because they commit a wildly disproportionate amount of crime. But, if I'm raked over the coals because the black criminal protests that he is arrested just because he's Black - I'm not going to arrest him. You deal with him. The welfare of my family depends on my staying out of trouble." Trooper - Rhode Island


ARCHBISHOP RESIGNS: Juliuz Paetz, 67, high ranking Polish prelate; following an "inconclusive" Vatican investigation into accusations, denied by Paetz, that he had molested clerics; in Rome. Time


TERROR: In 1994, Australia planned to help build a counter- terrorist training range in Indonesia for that country's elite special forces. Australian 

RKH: Cartel installed governments worldwide are uniting to treat anyone disagreeing with one of them as a common threat to all.