MILITIA                                   no.310 
"A well-regulated militia being necessary to the 
security of a free state, the right of the people to 
keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."
2nd Amendment to the Constitution
Pelham's Horse Artillery
The legendary Major John Pelham of Stuart's Horse Artillery was dead. He died in the two story frame house on the corner right across the street from my grandfather's furniture store in Culpeper. Granddaddy pointed out the upstairs corner bedroom where he died. Everybody in town called it "the Pelham house".

He had been wounded at Kelly's Ford after asking if he could join a cavalry charge "just for the sport". A shell had exploded and a small piece shrapnel hit him in back of his head. He fell off his horse and his comrades thought he was dead. They threw him across his horse's saddle and carried him the 5 miles or so back to the railroad at Brandy Station. When they lifted him from his horse they discovered just a trace of blood in his hair from the small wound and also discovered that he was breathing. He was put on a train which took him 8 miles to Culpeper. 

He lingered for a few days before dying. Everyone wondered why the ride from Kelly's Ford to Brandy Station on the back of a horse hadn't killed him itself - it would have killed most men. 

The story was that when he died four girls put on mourning for him - but that was just gossip. There was never a hint of inpropriority about his relationship with the fairer sex. He was 26 when he died. An Alabama gentleman.

Pelham The Soldier
The difference between horse artillery and the regular artillery was that horse artillery had to keep up with the cavalry on the march. They used the same guns as the rest of the Confederate artillery, but keeping up with the cavalry required six horses per gun instead of the usual two - and spare teams galloping with them which were constantly being changed. The work hauling guns with the cavalry was grueling.

Confederate militia batteries were different from those in the union army. They followed the French system instituted by Napoleon using six guns per battery instead of the English system of four guns. Southern logic said that a six gun militia battery could hold its own against two Union 4-gun batteries and whip a single 4-gun battery. This is how it usually worked out in practice.

There was another difference - a major one. The Federal government provided guns, ammunition, caissons, horses and harness for its artillery. Members of the artillery militia furnished all this at their own expense - quite a considerable expense.

FOOTNOTE: As the war went on new artillery units were organized using captured horses and ordanance. Not everyone could afford to serve in a militia artillery battery.

Pelham The Hero
"I ask you sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, 
except for a few public officials." 
George Mason

Two hundred guns of the federal artillery lined up on the heights on the north side of the Rappahannock River overlooking Fredericksburg. Their massed fire protected the Union army's pontoon bridges as the federal army fought its way across the river. Fredericksburg's defenders didn't have a chance. One by one each pocket of Southern resistance was obliterated by the concentrated overwhelming cannon fire. 

When across the river, the union army passed through town and formed up on the plains beyond. Something less than a mile ahead rose Marye's Heights occupied by Lee's Army. At the foot of the heights was a stone wall behind which waited Stonewall's veterans. The Union army made a proud picture lined up in its tens of thousands in their fine new blue uniforms and their hundreds of flags and drummers. 

The artillery that had obliterated the Southern resistance to the union army's crossing now turned its attention to the Confederate positions. Hundreds of shells shrieked overhead to explode in the Confederate lines. It was part of the softening up process before the massive Federal juggernaut moved forward.

Into this maelstrom of noise, the shrieks of shells and thunder of explosions, John Pelham suddenly appeared, riding out of the Confederate lines into the no-man's-land between the two armies with two of his guns and their cannoneers. In ull view of both Union and Confederate armies the little cavalcade of horses and riders then turned to the Union left and galloped all the way across their front to its left flank. Soldiers of both armies watched in amazement.

Reaching their chosen destination, Pelham gunners quickly unlimbered, brought their guns to bear, and fired two or three shells with fuses cut long, and then quickly hitched up and moved their guns to another location a quarter mile away and repeated the drill. 

The Union artillery on the heights across the river quickly swiveled their guns around and open fire on this pesky little hornet. Half a minute after Pelham left his position, the area where he had been was pulverized by hundreds of shells smashing the surrounding trees and plowing up the ground. By then, Pelham was firing from still another location. Again Union guns devastated the area, but Pelham was somewhere else firing his shells into the massed union army. 

Pelham's Shells
The sparkling fuses of Pelham's shells could be seen far off by Union soldiers waiting in battle lines for the command to attack Marye's Heights. They soared and then bounced along the federal lines from left to right threatening to explode any second. Anxious Union soldiers frantically dodged out of the path of the menacing projectiles not wanting to be one of their victims when they exploded.

The magnificent Union army dissolved into a confused mob with men dodging Pelham's sparkling shells. Regiment mixed with regiment; the Union generals were furious. 

John Pelham and his men were undeniably brave and daring, but it was also obvious that it was just a question of time before they were killed. General Stuart laughed and sent orders recalling Pelham and his guns. 

John Pelham and his men galloped back across the front of the Union army the same way they had come - but this time to thunderous cheers of both Confederate and Union armies. Uncommon valor is universally appreciated by brave men. It took two hours for the Union generals to sort out the mess and reorganize for the attack.

Brave, handsome, Major John Pelham was 26 when he gave his life for his country. He was mortally wounded a year later in my great-grandfather's back yard at Kelly's Ford. 

The Militia
"The militia is a voluntary force not associated or under 
the control of the state except when called out; 
a permanent or long-standing force would be entirely 
different in make-up and call." 
Alexander Hamilton

Major John Pelham was a product of the militia system of the Self Sufficient Farm System (SSFS). The militia of the 13 Colonies made it possible to win an earlier war against Great Britain's king. The militia of the Southern Confederate States almost won their independence from the king & standing army system of the United States. It is something the International Trade Cartel (ITC) has not forgotten, and would rather not deal with if at all possible. 

War is expensive. A militia is expensive. The militia expense was not unbearable when the land was divided and people were well off. But, after the Southern Farm System was conquered and the wealth of its owners transferred to the feudal system's corporations, it became unbearably hard to equip a militia with the heavy ordanance it needs to fight modern war. People just didn't have the money. A cannon, caisson, shells, powder and horses were expensive enough earlier, but when cannon are mounted on tanks and the means to pay for it had gone - it was impossible. The militia was figuratively in danger of having to fight an atomic age war with bows and arrows.

Arming The Militia
"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to 
keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect 
themselves against tyranny in government."
Thomas Jefferson

The ensconced feudal system had won their war and now controlled the country and its wealth. A militia was traditional. It had been part of the country from its earliest days. But, WWI showed that as the wealth of the people declined, they could not afford the heavy weapons needed to fight modern wars. The militia was not properly armed. It was a question of battlefield survival for militiamen. The people demanded proper weapons for their men.

Weapons Solution
The solution offered by the country's ruling feudal-system to the problem of supplying militias with heavy weapons was to "lend" them the needed weaponry on condition that the command of the militia would no long be local - it was to be shared jointly by the governor of the individual state and the president of the country. In all matters pertaining to the state the governor was to act as supreme commander and in all things pertaining to the defense of the country - the president would be the supreme commander. 

It seemed to be a workable solution. In matters like race riots and labor troubles, the governor commanded. In matters pertaining to outside enemies of the country - the president. 

National Guard - A Federal Asset
The National Guard proved itself. It provided a large part of the muscle of America's armed forces during WWII. But then, Little Rock! Gov. Orval Faubus called up the guard to prevent the integration of the schools (or so the tale is told - see HR #289), and then stood down when President Eisenhower took over control of the national guard from him, ordered it away from the school, and sent in the 81st Airborne of the regular army to force the integration of Saxon children with those of strangers. 

The president of the United States had no intention of sharing power over what had formerly been the independent militia with governors of states. The National Guard was now an enforcement arm of the federal government masquerading as a people's defense force - or militia. Its new mission was to defend the feudal system of Babylon - not the people the system persecuted.

This new state of affairs was confirmed when the central government's FBI invaded the state of Idaho. The governor of Idaho stood by, let the FBI kill Idaho citizens on Ruby Ridge and did nothing. There was nothing he could have done. There was no militia to call upon and all that was left was the National Guard and that was under federal control. Idaho was face to face with the fact that it was defenseless against invasion and murder.

This was again confirmed at Waco when invading federal forces of the FBI massacred members of the Davidian Church. In neither the case of Idaho nor Texas did their respective governors believe that they had the power to interpose the state's National Guard between the victims and the US government agency that was tormenting their citizens - not even to save their lives.

The Davidian Defense
The thing the ITC's media never ceases to ignore is the Waco defense.

When the ATF, in an unprovoked attack, stormed the Davidian Church complex, the Davidians grabbed their shotguns and attempted to defend themselves, their wives and their children - and they did a good job of it. This is why, when the subject comes up, the government always talks about the 4 government agents who were killed vs. the "SIX" Davidians who were killed "See! Two more Davidians were killed than those lost by the government!!" 

The thing that they never mention is that the shotgun defense by this religious group shot the government's ATF all to pieces.

FOOTNOTE: Shotguns are the very last ditch weapon of defense. Shotguns are what rabbit hunters use.

After 45 minutes the ATF raised the white flag. The Davidians magnanmously accepted their surrender and allowed them to collect and carry their wounded (most of them were wounded) and limp away from the church with their tails between their legs. The ATF had lost 4 killed, but the rest of the ATF storming party had ceased to exist as a viable military force.

If the Davidians had known that their gallant armed defense had condemned them all to be burned to death as punishment for the FBI humiliation - men, women and children - it is doubtful if any of the ATF would have been set free. They would have been held as hostages.

The lesson learned again is even free people with shotguns can present an obstacle to out-of-control government. 

Rebirth And Arming The Militias
"Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the American People's liberty teeth and keystone under independence... The rifle and pistol are equally indispensable... The very atmosphere of firearms anywhereand everywhere restrains evil interference - they deserve a place of honor with all that is good." 
- George Washington

The Ruby Ridge and Waco example of what an all powerful immoral central government can do to its own people triggered the rapid rebirth of citizen's militias. There has been no real problem of getting volunteers. The problem has been that of weaponry. How does one have a real effective defense force with inferior weaponry? The answer is - it can't. Not really.

The U.S. feudal government, using the excuse that a few outlaws during the 1930s used tommy guns while committing crimes, passed laws virtually outlawing ownership of automatic weapons and made the ownership of other sophisticated weapons so difficult as to be almost impossible. This has resulted in a populace in which most families are armed, but are armed with weapons which could only with difficulty cope with the weaponry of a modern day army. 

The matter of having inferior weapons is compounded by the system's worldwide campaign to confiscate the weapons in the hands of private individuals - except for establishment people who are almost all armed. 

The confiscation effort is of course to keep the workers in the condition of serfdom. 

One State's Response
"Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined... 
The great object is that every man be armed... 
Everyone who is able may have a gun." 
-Patrick Henry

Not all state governments have gone along with this campaign to disarm the public. In 1997, the state of New Hampshire authorized its attorney general to bring suit against the United States. The following is taken from a shooting magazine printed in Virginia.

"1997 Session House Joint Resolution 3 requiring the attorney general to bring suit against the U.S. Govt. for violating the U.S. Constitution and the New Hampshire constitution by enacting a military firearms ban.

RESOLUTIONS:... (1) The assault weapons ban is unconstitutional because it deprives the people of their right of self-defense under the 9th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It does so by limiting the tools which the people may use to protect themselves, their families, and their communities from an assault. The assault weapons ban prevents the people from responding to the threat of force in kind, relegating the people's use of defensive weapons to weapons of lesser force than those which might be used against them. The state cannot limit the means for self-defense without abrogating the right of self- defense. 

(2) ...The assault weapons ban nullifies the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The assault weapons ban prevents the people from acquiring and owning the military firearms necessary for the fielding of effective militias. The militia, as provided for in the Constitution, is the people's army and exists for the purpose of defending the Constitution...

(3) By nullifying the utility of militias, the assault weapons ban renders null and void those provisions under Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution which provide for the organizing, arming, and fielding of militias and makes moot the state's authority to appoint officers and to train and discipline militias.

FOOTNOTE: Editor's Note: A state's claiming the right to appoint militia officers over the right of the militias to select their own officers retains state, or feudal control, of militias.

(4) The assault weapons ban is unconstitutional under the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution because the power to regulate firearms to the limited extent to which such powers may be available under the U.S. Constitution lies with the states, not with the federal government... 

Whereas, the assault weapons ban qualifies each individual absolute right of self-defense, guaranteed by the 9th Amendment, by limiting the rights of the people to defend themselves with tools appropriate to the task. The "right of self-defense ceases to exist if the state is able to assert the power to limit the nature of the response which an individual may make to a particular threat of force. Individuals have the absolute right to respond to force in kind....

Resolved... That the attorney general be required to bring suit against the U.S. Government for violations of the U.S. Constitution and the N. Hampshire constitution in enacting the assault weapons ban, which prevents U.S. citizens from owning military firearms.

FOOTNOTE: The Bullet, 132 W. Main St., Suite 203, Orange, VA 22960, 1-800- 526-1397, $15/yr., Sept 1997

The above sets forth the legal objections to de-facto outlawing of militias and the confiscation of their weapons. It is the editor's belief that when a push comes to a shove, the king's law comes from the barrel of a rifle and it makes no difference what sort of legal arguments are made. The cartel that rules the West will do whatever it chooses to do if they feel that they have the force to do it, and it appears at this time that they feel that they have the force to do whatever they want to do, and they really don't want a well-armed militia in the land.

"The highest number to which ... a standing army can be carried in any country does not exceed ... one twenty-fifth part of the number able to bear arms ... To these would be opposed a militia amounting to near half a million citizens (When this was written the total population was only 3.5 million) with arms in their hands, officered by men chosen from among themselves, fighting for their common liberties... It may well be doubted whether a militia thus circumstanced could ever be conquered by such a proportion of regular troops." James Madison

George Mason said that there were 500,000 militiamen in a population of 3.5 million. Today he would count a potential of 40,000,000 militiamen. This is the sword that could snuff out Babylon's lights in a minute. But, this could only happen if the militias were of one mind and pointed in the right direction. 

Facts The King Must Deal With
The best of all scenarios for a tyrannical king is not to have to deal with a John Pelham and his guns, or a Robert E. Lee's militia army. Without a militia, a king would have no revolt to suppress! 

The basic fact is that there is a militia and the king must deal with that fact. The second fact is that a very large part of the militia take their orders from the King of kings - not him.

The fact that the large part of the militia is loyal to the King of kings and take their orders from him is something that "Little Willie" and his ilk consider treasonous. For instance, consider the following order:

"He that hath no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one."
Luke 22:36-38.
The KING of kings instructed his followers to arm themselves. How can the anti-Christ feel comfortable on his throne when Isaacs-sons, supporters of the KING of kings have armed themselves? 

The KING of kings also told his followers:

"The land cannot be cleansed of the blood that is shed therein, but by the blood of him that shed it." Num 35:33
The followers of the "KING of kings" see that there is much innocent blood shed in this land and the guilty are not punished as ordered, but are "restrained" in prisons and then released to do the same again and again.

The KING of kings instructed that someone must be punished for this evil. He said:

"Because thou hast let go out of thy hand a man whom I appointed to utter destruction, therefore thy life shall go for his life, and thy people for his people." I Ki 21:42
Can the WORD be more clear? The WORD that is God never lies. It always means what it says. The life of the one worthy of death must be forfeit, or the lives of the followers of the King of kings will be taken in their place. It's that simple. That is a sentence from which, once executed, there is no appeal.

Yet, the Scriptures say: 

"When thou art in tribulation... even in the latter days, if thou turn to the Lord thy God (the WORD), and shall be obedient to his voice (the WORD), ... he will not forsake thee, neither destroy thee, nor forget thee, nor forget the covenant of thy fathers which he sware unto them." Deut 4:30-31
The Story Of David 
Once before, the Philistines ruled the land. They used extorted tribute from every Son-of-Isaac. They also used iron weapons to back their tyranny but forbade the children of Israel from even having blacksmiths because they could also make swords. 

We have read the story and we know that things got so bad under the heel of the Philistines that the ill-armed militia was called up anyway. David joined his brothers at the front. He volunteered to fight the giant when no one else would. He went forward and stood before the Philistine giant and reached down and selected a stone and placed it in his sling. 

The giant taunted David, then drew his great sword and advanced on him. David slung his stone at the giant and it hit him in the forehead where it sank into his head. The giant fell to the ground. David then used the giant's own sword to sever his head from his body. 

The Story Known By The Faithful
Scripture explains Scripture.  The giant is obviously the powerful one. David the weaker. David picked up a stone, a rock. We know what a rock is: 

"Who is a rock save our God." Ps 18:31.
FOOTNOTE: Whenever someone quotes Scripture that conflicts with other Scripture - someone is mis-interpreting Scripture. 
FOOTNOTE: "Neither is thou any rock like our God." 1 Sa 2:2; "For their rock is not as our Rock." De 32:31; "The Lord is my rock and my fortress." Ps 18:2

OK. Let's start again. David appeared defenseless and the giant powerful. David held in his hand a rock. He placed it in his sling and slung it and the rock hit the giant in the head causing him to fall. With his fall the Philistines fled.

Why the head? The giant is the messenger of the Serpent.

FOOTNOTE: We read about "giants" in HR #286. 

The curse God placed on the serpent was that the seed of man "Shall bruise thy head." Gen 3:15. 

The serpent always organizes his children in an episcopal manner - from the top down - to ensure that they all understand, say, and do the same thing.  Sever the head and the serpent dies.

FOOTNOTE: God organized his people in the presbyterian manner in 10s and 100s from the bottom up. Beware episcopal organizations. They serve a single master.

The Scriptures say:

"David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and with a stone, and smote the Philistine, and slew him, but there was no sword in the hand of David." 1 Sa 17:50
There was no sword in David's hand, only a stone. With that stone he slew the giant. It was only then that David picked up the giant's sword and severed his head and the rest of the army pursued the Philistines and then used their swords. 

Our militia consists of every ablebodied man in the whole Saxon nation. Most Saxons don't know that! Our people don't know that the answer to their every problem lies in the WORD. Why? Because - the "rock" of the king's state priests is not as our "Rock". 

Why is this? It is because the false priests hired by the king with tax-exemption and riches from the use of the serpent's media have withheld God's WORD from the people.

These priests of the serpent priests haven't told God's Saxon people that they are under sentence of death - a sentence passed on them by their own God because unavenged innocent blood has been shed.

When the rock of truth at last forces its way past the king's hired state priests and scribes, and reaches those for whom it is intended, and the truth is understood that our people have everything to gain by obeying God and everything to lose by not doing so - truth will no longer be seen to be just a stone lying in a creek- bed. It will be an irresistable weapon. With the WORD - our militias will have both incentive and direction that will allow them to serve their nation, their God, and to save their lives which at this moment are forfeit because of our nation's disobedience. The giant will fall.

FOOTNOTE: When our militias learn that taxes violate God's Commandment (Matt 17:25-26); that each Saxon is entitled to his own land (Num 26:53; Lev 25:23), that usury is a capitol crime (Ezek 18:8-13); and that "He that loseth his life for my sake shall find it." Matt 10:39; they will be dangerous adversaries of the king, indeed.

Then we can use the giant's own sword to finish the task, and the sword will be of the latest manufacture. 


ANTISAXON BRAINWASHING: "Dear Brother Hoskins: The antisaxonite chaplain at this gulag censors all incoming religious matter. He determined that Vigilantes talked too much about race and denied me the book. This same chaplain approves numerous anti- white periodicals going to the Nation of Islam and the Black Hebrew Israelites that do nothing but talk about race." S.J. - prisoner Florida


WELCOME HOME: "Dear Mr. Hoskins: I recently received your Vigilantes of Christendom. Fascinating, enlightening material. I was born in North Carolina but was raised north of the Mason- Dixon Line and like most Americans trusted the media and the Judeo-Christian way. I moved to Japan in 1984 and that is when I began to question what I was taught in the U.S. Life in Japan (for a White) is different than Americans are led to believe. I questioned my faith and my God. In the past few years I have learned that people are controlled by words of the mass media. Right now I am on p. 241 of "Vigilantes" - highly readable and hard to put down. In my mind I believe that I am beginning to come home." T.A. - Japan

Expected News From Rhodesia

The Financial Times of June 3-4, 2000 p3, notes that of the 804 White-owned farms recently seized by the Black government without payment, the cattle ranch of the former White leader of Rhodesia, Ian Smith, "did not appear to be affected by the programme".

RKH: Ian Smith, selected by Rhodesia's media-owner to receive favorable publicity, was elected president of Rhodesia. After winning a 12 year war against communist rebels, he proceeded to turn his country over to them. 

 Smith is one of a fraternity of traitors who is "A traitor to the Laws and to his own country." II Macc 5:15. These 2% low types are publicized by media owners so as to be elected to office and then betray their people once there. Gov. J. Lindsey Almond was given a Federal Judgeship after betraying Virginia by turning its state schools over to the federals. Every Saxon nation has its traitors. False witnesses - they will be judged and receive their just deserts in due time.

Saxon News From Australia
National Action ran a stall at a local fair. Response was uniformly positive. The best responses were to "Deport Boat People" poster. It was routinely suggested that deportation was a soft option. The Average Australian voiced impatience with a system that bars white Zimbabweans (Rhodesians) from entry yet houses and feeds any and all flotsam washing ashore from Asia. One Australian soldier returned from a UN peacekeeping mission commented that "Let's just leave the little devils murder each other." A farmer from north of Brisbane said: "Land seizures by black squatters 'll never happen here." We replied, "That's what Zimbabweans were promised 20 years ago. Now it's happening. Why not here in 20 years?" He had no answer. (Excerpted from STORM, (Jun-Jul 2000) POB 635 Strathpine P.S. 4500, AUSTRALIA


FIJI: Indigenous Fijians have seized Fiji's prime minister and cabinet ministers and hold them captive. Ethnic Indians account for about 45% of the population. The prime minister and most of his cabinet are Indian. The Fijians say they intend to regain their country for their own people.


TOLERANCE: "What can we do to help victims of discrimination? St. Neuman Catholic Church in Irvine is sponsoring a seminar on how individuals can fight intolerance. Guest speaker will be Rabbi Michael Beals of B'Nai Tikvah in Los Angeles. He created Los Angeles' first multicultural sensitivity program for city supervisors. ..." Orange County Register 25 Feb 2000

RKH: The reason our children don't play with snakes and bees is because we have taught them that bees sting and snakes bite. Strangers are, percentagewise, more likely to assault, rape, and murder than bees are to sting or snakes are to bite. This is important survival information. Those who don't learn - die. It is not a good idea to deprive our children of this information in order to help Babylon further its social, political and economic agendas. 


BLACK KILLS WHITES: A Pennsylvania Black killed two Whites and wounded 3 others in a rampage authorities call a "hate crime". The alien media reports that the Black had "hate literature" in his room.

RKH: It is normal for different nations to despise and abhor each other. It is what has kept them separate nations for thousands of years.

It is also natural for Pharisee employees of the Naphadim to deny us the ancient Scriptures God meant for us to use for our own protection while the Naphadim uses the same Scriptures against us. The Scriptures say, 

"Destroy the children of fornication, the offspring of the Watchers, from among men ... send them one against another. Let them perish by mutual slaughter." Book Of Enoch I 10:13
FOOTNOTE; Enoch I, (Ethiopic), VPC, POB 997, Lynchburg, VA 24505, $11/copy 

The Naphadim, using our Scriptures against us and protected by hired Scribes and Pharisees, incite Blacks against God's Holy Seed so as to destroy them from the face of the earth so that the Naphadim may have the earth for their own. 

Blacks killing Whites is Naphadim orchestrated. Accusing Whites is Naphadim orchestrated. Sacrificing the children of the Holy Seed in death clinics is orchestrated. Persuading the daughters of man to lay down to beasts to breed more beasts is also orchestrated by Scribes in the pay of the Naphadim. Their acts are approved by hireling Pharisees in today's pulpits. Without the Pharisee-priests' treason against God and their nation the Scribes would be helpless. 

World News
BODY PARTS: The reason partial birth abortions are favored over early abortions is because private companies involved in selling the organs and body parts of aborted babies get higher prices for the more perfectly formed babies. Brains sell for $999, spinal cords for $325, arms and legs $150, and skin for $100. Some universities and federally funded embryology labs operate round- the-clock collections services at aboratories. It was in 1993 that President Clinton signed the NIH Revitalization Act which lifted the ban on federally funded research involving the transplantation of fetal tissue. (Story in Intercessors For America Newsletter 1/2000)


SLOVAKIA will be excluded from consideration for entry to European Union till it "changes treatment of its Hungarian minority" (like Czech Republic's "treatment" of Gypsies. The EU dictates other countries' internal racial policies.) (Nationalist News, AUSTRALIA)


GERMANY ABORTION: Karlsruhe, Germany's Constitutional Court has ordered Bavarian government to allow abortion clinics, as do all other German states. Five doctors took the State to court arguing they were "prevented from practicing their profession". Since 1996, Bavarian law has barred doctors from earning more than 25% of their income from child murder. Until 1990, West Germany had Europe's strictest child murder laws. These were liberalized in negotiations with the dying East German regime. E. Germany had "abortion on demand". Their Slav rulers wanted fewer Germans. (Nationalist News, AUSTRALIA) 


TOKYO: Lower House of Diet (Parliament) voted overwhelmingly to adopt a bill for $508 billion dollars in government "loans" to insolvent Japanese banks. "Bail-out averts a financial crisis." Funds are to: 1) aid viable institutions; 2) promote active lending; 3) facilitate write-off of bad loans; 4) close down failing banks without harming depositors. No crooked bankers will be prosecuted. Taxpayers will foot the bill. (Nationalist News, AUSTRALIA) WHO WON WWII: In Germany nationalist parties are banned and persecuted 50 years after WWII, yet Reds return to rule after 10 years. Does one need more proof as to who won WWII?


PORN LAWS: "If the Government and Opposition in Australian Parliament are so concerned about pornography, why are `porno' movies, videos, magazines and pamphlets so readily available? Covenant Watch, May-June 1999, POB V192, Mount Druitt Village, NSW 2770, AUSTRALIA)