MEDIA BLITZ                              #300
Cloak Of Nimrod 

Nimrod had a cloak. When he wore the cloak all who heard him believed him and became his servants. He used these  servants to build Babylon and the great Tower of Babel.

Esau hid in ambush and killed Nimrod and stole his cloak.1 Fleeing from Nimrod's bodyguards he rushed exhausted to Jacob and sold him his birthright in exchange for food. He believed that his birthright was worthless because he would soon be killed.

Esau lost his birthright, but his descendants obtained the Cloak and became powerful. They fought Jacob's descendants and also fought among themselves. Their internicene warfare caused them more distress than had the war with Jacob, so they agreed never to be ruled by one of their own kind again. They agreed to always be ruled by a foreigner.2

Turkey saw its greatest days when ruled by foreigners called Janissaries. Egypt became great ruled by foreigners who were slaves.

These appointed slave-rulers abused their adopted countries and so the Turks and Egyptians slew them - and both countries immediately declined in power and wealth. Today, Esau's rulers are again appointed by strangers who operate under the shadowy name of "The International Trade Cartel" (ITC).2 They appoint the rulers of the nations of Esau and also the nations of Jacob conquered by the ITC. They use Esau to fight Jacob, and Jacob to fight Esau, while the ITC rules unseen.3 It is they who rule using Esau's Cloak.

Cloak Over Virginia

When working with the "Defenders" in the 1950s to stop the federal takeover of Virginia's schools, the "Defenders" informed the country through the wires of the Associate Press (AP) that Prince Edward's black schools were newly constructed and far superior to the white schools which were old and shabby. This information was suppressed. We told the country through the AP that Black thugs were being imported from Philadelphia to beat up Prince Edward blacks who had allied themselves with Whites to keep their own schools. This information was suppressed. 

The AP allowed no information favorable to the cause of separation to escape Virginia. No spokesman for separation was permitted to be heard - except traitors such as the George Wallace, Orval Faubus and Lindsay Almond types.4 Hearing nothing but ITC spokesmen, the ITC agenda continued to advance on the backs of those who had become victims of the Cloak of Esau's deceptions. 

Truth - The Real Crime

This author wrote a revisionist history book called "Our Nordic Race" debunking the "Cloak" version of white racial history. He wrote "War Cycles / Peace Cycles", debunking "Cloak" economic history. He wrote "Vigilantes Of Christendom", debunking the "Cloak" version of historical resistance to ITC domination. All of these writings undermine the ITC and their Cloak of Esau. After 15 years the writings begin to reach the people of Jacob.5

ITC Response

The ITC responded with a blistering, overwhelming, devastating attack on its miniscule enemy, this old author and his books. They pulled all stops and used the sledgehammer to kill a gnat. The attack revealed the vast power and extent of the Esau's Cloak, now the "ITC's Cloak", to those who were still dubious. Almost every single media in the country, in slavish obedience and without checking the story or the facts, participated in the feeding frenzy.

Since Esau's Cloak encompasses all establishment media, there can be no response to their attack through their own media - the devil would be fighting himself. Whatever is to be done must be done through the small alternate media - all the while trying to avoid the blows of the Cloak's sledgehammer. 

This media blitz has nothing to do with a madman in California shooting children. It has nothing to do with "hate". It has everything to do with the fact that the WORD has escaped from beneath the ITC Cloak.6 For that reason it is foolish to think that things will fade and be forgotten. The existence of the ITC is at stake. The war will go forward. 

Now for MY version of what happened: 


I woke up one morning last week with the phone ringing off the hook, a mob of reporters at my front door, and batteries of cameras lining the street. I knew something had happened but I didn't know what. I soon learned that my name and the name of my book, "War Cycles / Peace Cycles" was on the front page of every newspaper in the country. 

A man had shot some children in California and it was alleged that a book on Christian economics that I had written 15 years ago was found in his van. The usual media spokesmen inferred that my economics book had incited the shooter to do his deed. 

Not having had to deal with this sort of thing before, I called some people whose opinion I respect and they advised me not to give interviews, but issue "statements". The reason being that I would at least have a written record of what I said. If I didn't, reporters would swear that I said things I didn't say. 

Heeding their advice I issued the following statement:

Speaks in his own defense.

August 16, 1999
The unwarranted killing of innocent men, women and children is as grievous to me as it is to the rest of the country. I would never condone such acts.

I have been wrongfully labeled as an intellectual supporter of such reprehensible acts. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The media has quoted the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ADL, and other left-wing fringe groups that are as radical on the left-wing as the groups on the right it condemns. The rhetoric of such left-wing radical groups is couched in inflammatory and excessive language not based in fact. In quoting such groups the media becomes a spokesman for them.

The media have quoted allegations from such groups that my writings advocate violent acts against Jews and other minorities because of race. That is a lie and a gross distortion of my writings. My books defend Christian values as found in the literal teachings of the Bible.

The nationwide attack on me and my writings is not necessarily personal. It is just a prelude for stampeding Congress into passing laws censoring the internet, confiscating the guns honest citizens possess for self-protection, outlawing patriot rights, and destroying the growing Christian Reform movement in America. 

I was unaware that I had become a part of this agenda. I woke up one morning and found my name on the front page of practically every newspaper in America. The media alleges that my book, "War Cycles/Peace Cycles" was found in the van of a California shooter of Jewish children and suggested that is what incited him. My book, "War Cycles/Peace Cycles" is a book on Christian economics. Newspapers are certainly more likely to incite violence than this economics book. My books do not incite violence any more than history books on George Washington, the Bible, or the local newspaper (the "News and Advance" in Lynchburg).

The media reported that I am a member of the Nazi party. This is a lie. They said I spoke at a KKK/Nazi Party rally. This lie is based on the time I was once invited to give the invocation at a political rally in North Carolina. The media alleges that there were Klan members present. Maybe there were. People have the right to come to political meetings if they want, but the rally was a kick-off of America's then-hero, Col. Bo Gritz's run for the presidency. It was a political rally.

The media says that I am anti-Semitic and anti-Black. That is a lie. 

The media soon found that they had egg on their faces by associating "WC/PC" with violence. They then switched and now claim that another of my books, "Vigilantes of Christendom" was the one found. The title makes it more acceptable for their hatchet work. To allege that book is associated with the heinous act in California is grossly deceitful but indicative of the broad brush with which the liberal media paints a misleading scenario. I do not believe for one second that book was found in California, and that it has any relationship to a violent act, which I condemn. 

"Vigilantes" was written ten years ago predicting that if America's rulers do not stop their flagrant violations of God's Law, Christians will copy the acts of militant Jews in Palestine and Arabs in Islam, both of whom fight for what they believe their God requires of them. 

The media says that I am a spokesman for "Identity". "Identity" is the media label for "Reform Christianity". Much of my writings criticize churches who refuse to take stands against the evils of the day and confine their preaching to 30% of God's Commandments dealing with self improvement while ignoring the 70% of God's Commandments that deal with government. This effectively prevents Christian revival in America. Reform Christianity isn't any of the things the lying media accuses it of being. Reform Christians just believe God's Commandments - all of them. 

want to thank my friends who have stuck by me during this most recent media attack. I would also like to take the opportunity to ask my Jewish and African-American friends in Lynchburg not to believe the media lies, half-truths and misrepresentations. After one of their last attacks on me, a local Black newspaper was the only one who printed my reply, and they did it in its entirety. I appreciate that. It shows a fairness by the African-American media not shown by Lynchburg's establishment media. 

Lastly, my persecutors refuse to print my letters in my defense. I have sent them three letters in the last 10 years and they have refused to print each one of them. I recently gave them two statements in my defense and they took little snippets out of context and ignored the rest.

While the media's nationwide attack on me and my writings is not personal, it has never the less had the effect of destroying my good reputation and my livelihood.

If you believe that fair play has not been exercised in my case, it would be appreciated if you would copy this letter and pass it to your friends. It is the only way that I know for this information to be circulated. I have no other means at my disposal to obtain justice. 

If the media can get away with persecuting me for my political and religious views today, rest assured, tomorrow it will be YOU.

"War Cycles / Peace Cycles" can be obtained from the Virginia Publishing Company, POB 997, Lynchburg Virginia 24505, $18/copy. Read it and judge for yourself. Or, take the media's word that they are telling the truth.

Cloak Attack

The local paper, the News & Daily Advance, did four front page articles bashing me and my writings. It was a bit much. Perhaps "too much". There is such a thing as "overkill"! At some point the public reacts against this sort of thing. 

I have issued three "statements" in my defense. The above is the third one. I have appeared in no public interviews, even though ABC, CBS, NBC, Larry King Live, Dateline, Good Morning America, Niteline and perhaps 50 more have asked me to be on their shows. The temptation has been great, but, why enter the snake's den? I have seen nimble-witted talk hosts lead their guests around by the nose too often to relish having it done to me. 

When I walk down the street my old friends driving by wave to me. When I can, I hand them one of the above letters. 

The phone has been ringing off the hook from well wishers. I have had one "semi-hate" piece of hate mail: someone in California sent me a bumper sticker that said, "End Racism". I pasted it on the wall of my office. I wish I had a bumper sticker to send back to him saying, "End Anti-Saxonism".

One newspaper article included a report that Jerry Falwell had denounced me. Long ago I went to Jerry's church. I went there for 18 years. Jerry called to tell me that he did not say what the reporter said that he had said, that the reporter had completely misquoted him. He said that the reporter had asked him if I were violent, to which he replied, "No". He asked if I owned guns. Jerry said that he didn't know about that, but that his own son has an arsenal. He said that he told the reporter that he judges people by their children, and that he knew that I had 6 fine upright wonderful children, and added, "How can a man raise such a great family and be bad?" He said that the reporter just made up the last part of his interview.
I asked Jerry if he would tell the local radio talk show, WLNI 105.9FM, the same thing. He said he would do it first thing in the morning. I guess he forgot.

This WLNI 105.9FM, after a certain initial hostility, showed a certain even-handedness after a number of callers objected to my treatment. They took my statement and posted it on their web page. Their "poll" at their web address ( that asked people, after they had read my statement, whether or not they believe that I had been treated fairly by the media. The last time I looked, 81% said "no" and 19% said "yes". 
( is a company on the internet that sells books. It sells a lot of books. Their page on my books indicated that most were unavailable or out of print. I straightened that out. About WC/PC, they have a "review" section where readers can give their opinion of
the book and rate the book "one star to 5 stars". A dozen readers listed their opinions. They all said the same thing, that it was bad for homeschooling, and said that it was among the worst books that they had ever read, and gave it a single star. Michael A. Hoffman II read it and gave it only two stars. One person, who I believe actually read the book, gave it five stars. 

I have a stack of letters half an inch high from people who have actually read the book and said that it is the best thing since cotton candy. I wish a few of you who have actually read the book and can, in good conscience, give it a good review, would do so. The address is ( Just ask "books". Then ask for War Cycles Peace Cycles.

News & Advance Questions
Terry Scanlon, a reporter of Lynchburg's News & Advance, called and said that he wanted to do a feature story on me. Because of the extreme bias of his earlier reporting, I was reluctant to trust his even-handedness. I asked him to fax me the questions that he wanted answered. This is what arrived: 

* "Is it fair to describe you as a racist and anti-Semitic? Why or why not?
* "To what degree do you feel responsible for the shooting in Los Angeles earlier this week?
* "Do you agree with Richard Butler that there is a war against the white race?
* "Do you believe that any of your writings have inspired anyone to take violent action?
* "What was your reaction when you learned that Buford Furrow wanted to send `a wake up call to America to kill Jews'?
* "How many firearms do you own, and why do you have them?"

The man who pays the fiddler calls the tune. I didn't pay him. I could ask him questions in return, to define "racist" and "anti-semitic". He would have then gone into a spiel about hate, killing and blood. I could answer, I "don't believe in that". But it is an exercise in futility. He wouldn't print it. He is an agent of the Cloak.

One could say that Scanlan's hatespeech reporting would be more likely to trigger a psychopath to violence than any of Hoskins' writings. He wouldn't print that either. 
One could ask Scanlon if he believes that there "isn't" a war against the White race. And, does he believe with Farrakan that the White race is the "great devil"? And if not, why not? And he wouldn't answer this either. Or, what was his own reaction when he learned that a Jew was a shooter of mostly White children in Colorado? Was that a hate crime? Or the Goldstine shooting of Arabs on the Temple Mount in Palestine. Was that a hate crime? He would refuse to print that question, too. 
Why? Because these are just muck raking questions. These are the people who are condemned by the WORD. Therefore their enemy is the WORD and those who hold to its truths. Conversation about shootings, hate and guns are just a means to an end.

Website Canceled

My wonderful website lists all of my books and how to get them. Since the media had given my books such wonderful free publicity I wondered why I had not gotten any orders. The answer was simple. The webmaster canceled my site. Just like that! My computer advisor said that he thinks that he must have had a "philosophical difference" with me.

This may have worked to my advantage. Most of those calling initially were media snakes looking for books to aid their bashing. They had to get them quick because this "15 minute fame" is short lived. They have to make hay while Hoskins is still the hot news. Most of them couldn't get their books. By the time they do - I'll be stale.

By the time you get this letter I will have a new web site www.RICHARDHOSKINS.COM It's easier to remember than the old address, and it will be up and running by the time you get this newsletter. 


If the establishment permitted the teaching of the 70% of God's Commandments that deal with government, the people would hear and with their hearing would come belief and repentance. With repentance comes obedience, and, when the Saxon obeys God's Commandments, the government as now constituted is doomed to disappear; the International Trade Cartel will cease to operate because no one will buy their goods; Strangers will depart, each seeking his own land. 7

The ITC cannot allow this if they can help it, so, it attacks gun ownership by law abiding citizens8 as a way of indirectly attacking the requirements of the WORD. It attacks the militia because it is a visible threat to the anti-Christ. It attacks the internet because it does not presently have the power to censor the WORD as it is being exchanged between believers. Most of all it attacks everyone and everything that tell others what God requires of them. 
God has given us a wonderful opportunity. Each of us can help. We can take books like War Cycles / Peace Cycles from the shelves (there are 47,000 copies out there), dust them, and lend them to friends telling them that you will return to pick it up in two weeks. This gives the friend a chance to learn about the evils of "usury" - something that terrifies the ITC. 

We must all remember that we have have gotten as far as we have and have succeeded as much as we have without ANY help from Esau's Cloak. This media blitz of theirs must be understood in that context. It is a marvelous opportunity to take the WORD to those who have never heard of Reform Christianity. 

For as long as it lasts, take your books off your shelves and lend them out. Become a missionary to your own people. If you run out of books, visit (www.RICHARDHOSKINS.COM) and replenish your supply. Give books as presents. Not just my books, but any book that contains the forbidden 70% of God's Commandments. Remember, you can get all five for just $50 - with Virginia Publishing Company paying the postage.

"Reform Christian" ministries across America are doing something right; they are the only Christian ministries under ITC blitz. No one belonging to the mainstream or the charismatics are even being remotely criticized - just "Reform Christians" who are obeying God's WORD to "Go into all the world and teach the gospel to every creature" - of Israel9 We have the publicity, the opportunity, the interest - all in a field where we never before had access. Let's make hay while the sun shines.


300th Newsletter - 26 YearsLessons Of 26 Years
This is my 300th newsletter since I started 
writing it 26 years ago. 
I started writing my newsletter when I was about 45 years old and through the years have learned certain things that I believe are important. I had a list of them scheduled for this month's newsletter. The Lord's agenda is more important than mine. He presented another topic for this 300th anniversary newsletter. . .