SAXON IDENTITY                                 #266

Fireside Chat

"Grandma, Why do you always study your ancestors?"
"To find out what our rights are, son," she replied.
"What rights?"
"Well, let me try to explain. We have rights guaranteed by the Constitution. They were guaranteed to our grandfathers and to their descendants forever. If someone took away our rights, we might get them back some day if the old rulers return to power."
"That's the way it was in Scotland and England. Rights and possessions were given to our ancestors and their descendants forever. We are the descendants. Our ancestor lost his possessions when a new king came to power. If a descendant of the old king comes back into power we might get our possessions back again."
"Grandma, I don't understand."
"That's all right, son. One day you will." 


Those words were spoken long ago. Now, I'm pushing seventy, and for the first time I'm beginning to understand "enfiefment."

I live in Lynchburg, Virginia. I am vassal to six different lords, and live under six different jurisdictions; the jurisdictions of Lynchburg, of Virginia, of the country called the United States, of an admiralty trade law administered by international courts, the overlooked but still relevant feudal agreements made by ancient kings with my ancestors, and the overruling contracts made by God with His people.

The agreement with the local king's representative (by whatever name he is called) is that I must behave myself and pay the taxes he has imposed on me. If I do, I may live in peace in his house on his land. In addition, if of a military age, I must offer my services to fight the king's enemies. When I was young and stupid, I volunteered. If I had not volunteered I would have been drafted to serve the king. If I refuse any of these things, the agreement is cancelled, my house will be taken and enfiefed to another who will obey, and if I refuse to fight for the king, the king will throw me in jail. There are other rights and obligations, but this is basically it. These rights and obligations, I am told, belong to me and my descendants forever. This is my contract, my agreement, my enfiefment. Like it or not. 

The Big Bucks

The Catholic Church claimed the land of Europe. It hired kings to manage taxable entities called countries. The kings chosen to rule had to present their genealogies to be inspected to see exactly what prior contracts had been made with that king's ancestors, since the enfiefment went conditionally to the king and his heirs forever.

A country is too big for a king to rule by himself, so he divided the country into counties and districts and enfiefed his followers to manage them in his name. They too had to file their genealogies for the same reason. These filings are a matter of public record in the national archive of each country. The rights of the fief went to the recipient and his heirs forever. One couldn't give rights that had already been given - thus the record. 

The Eternal Hope

My grandmother had been told by her father of estates that had been taken from the family when the king of her ancestors was defeated in war and replaced by another king and his followers. The family fled to Virginia. But, who knows? Politics is an uncertain affair at best. Perhaps a descendant of the old king might return to power some day and claim his rights. If that were to occur - grandmother's family would be entitled to them; "To themselves and their heirs forever." That's what they said. So far as I know such a thing hasn't happened yet, but take it from me, Virginia still believes in the tooth fairy. 

The Slow Track

The day arrived when I asked about my family tree. What courthouses do I go to to look up the family history? The lady at the library took pity on me and told me that before I did anything to ask the people in my own family.

I did. And, I got more information that I really wanted. There was my mother, Aunt Maude, Cousin Charlie and distant relatives whom I had never heard of before who were eager to help.

With the family names I collected I went back to the library and located family genealogies. Virginia libraries are full of them. There are Washington, Lee, Kelly, Bruce, Roy, Dunbar, and the list goes on and on - hundreds of names.

I started with my own family name. That was the easy one. I got the book Hoskins Of Virginia and Related Families by Charles Warner and soon found out that the Hoskins line leads nowhere. The immigrant Bartholomew landed at Jamestown in 1615, and except for a few generations back in England, that's all. No fast track.

Next, I looked at the Carter line. It went back in early Virginia and uncovered an uncle, "King" Carter, who wasn't really a king, he just owned as much land as a king. Using the Northern Neck of Virginia Historical Magazine to go back into England I found the beginnings of the Carter family of Virginia: 

"The manorial records of King's Langley, some 25 miles NW of London housed in the Public Record Office of Hertfordshire Record Office & London record Carters from 1361. During the 'Peasants Revolt of 1384' John Carter burnt the Court Rolls and had his property distrained as a consequence. Like his neighbors he was constantly up before the court for transgressing the manorial by-laws. In 1381 he was fined 2d. for blocking the King's Highway with dung and was ordered to remove it. In 1386, John his son was fined for poaching deer in the King's Park. In 1393 John Carter took over Chapmanscroft, a property which remained in his family for 200 years which they rented generation after generation."
This shows that the Carters, the biggest landowners in early Virginia, were descended from yeomen, or peasants, enemies of the King and Church after the Peasants Revolt. It shows what our grandfathers thought of the feudal system monopoly where a man could not own his own land. The fight for Christian Law has been going on a long time. 

The Fast Track

Then I tried the Roy line. A book was available that included my great grandmother. I had only to provide my name, my father's, and my grandfather's - three missing generations. I then flipped the pages over to the back of the book and there was the line straight back to Robert the Bruce. This was great! It was all there - in a ddition to peasants, there were lines leading back to kings. Lines on file in the archives of the kings' countries. They were the "legal proof" on file to justify their right to rule. This was the fast track. 

King Robert Bruce - King of Scotland. 1350; His claim to the throne rests in his descent from Fergus More.
  • Lady Marjory Bruce m. Sir Walter Stuart
  • King Robert Bruce II, 1390
  • King Robert Bruce III 1406, m. Lady Annabella Drummond
  • Mary Stuart m. George Douglas, 1st Earl of Angus
  • George Douglas, 1455, 2nd Earl of Angus
  • Archibald Douglas m. Elizabeth (dau. Robert, Lord Boys 1480
  • Janet Douglas m. Robert, 2nd Lord Herries
  • Andrew, 3rd Lord, Herries 1530
  • William, 4th Lord Herries
  • Catherine Herries m. Sir Alexander Stuart of Garlies 1580
  • Sir Alexander Stuart of Garlies m. Christian Douglas
  • Nicholi Stuart m. 1630 Sir John Dunbar of Mochrum
  • Sir John Dunbar, 2nd of Mochrum m. Elizabeth dau. of Mungo Mure 1655
  • Rev. Hancock Dunbar to Virginia 1725, 1st rector St. Stephens Parish, King & Queen County.
  • Mary Dunbar m. Rev. Adam Dickey, (Epis. minister)
  • Janet Dickey m. (2) Capt. John Beverly Roy (Rev War)
  • Dr. Augustus Gustavas Dunbar Roy b. 1804 m. Lucy Carter Garnett of Stock Hill Essex 1834
  • Janet Carter Roy m. 1857 Dr. William Hoskins 
I already knew the missing generations below and filled them in to show my connection: 
  • Willard Dunbar Hoskins
  • Dr. John Hundley Hoskins b. 1892 m. Emma Kelly
  • Richard Kelly Hoskins b. 1928 
The above was right there in the book. Robert the Bruce and his descendants held in fief - forever. I am one of his descendants. I am entitled to whatever rights and priviledges that come with descent. So are you. If you can do it - you can do it. All you have to do is find a family name that has a genealogy, and presto - you are a descendant of a king. 

Braveheart Revisited

This Robert the Bruce thing is interesting. Edward II of England invaded Scotland and suffered a devastating and humiliating defeat at Bannockburn, June 24, 1314, as everyone who saw the movie Braveheart well knows. Undaunted, Edward attempted to do with diplomacy what he could not do with his armies.

Edward held in fief from the Pope. The Pope was after him to furnish English armies to help his re-conquest of the Holy Land. Edward agreed, but asked one small favor in return. He asked that the pope, Pope John XXII, "give" Scotland to him to rule.

Since the Catholic Church claimed all lands in the West by right of being Peter's heir, of Constantine's Bequest, by right of being "spiritual Israel," and because all Western kings held in fief to him; giving Scotland to the English king to rule was a mere formality. In 1317, he ordered it done. 

The Scottish Declaration of Independence

This news that Robert the Bruce was being ousted and Scotland was being given to the English king to rule did not set well with the veterans of Bannockburn. In 1320, Robert the Bruce called a Scottish Parliament. They met at Arbroath Abbey and compiled the following letter, which reads in part: 

"To the Most Holy Father... ours, to wit the nation of the Scots, has been distinguished by many honours; which passing from the greater Scythia through the Mediterranean Sea and the Pillars of Hercules and sojourning in Spain among the most savage tribes through a long course of time, could nowhere be subjected by any people however barbarous; and coming thence One thousand two hundred years after the outgoing of the people of Israel, then by many victories and infinite toil, acquiring for themselves the possessions in the West which they now hold after expelling the Britons and completely destroying the Picts, ... In their kingdom one hundred and thirteen kings of their own royal stock, no stranger intervening, have reigned, ... King of Kings even our Lord Jesus Christ, after his passion and resurrection, called them though situated at the uttermost parts of the earth almost the first to His most holy faith, nor would he have them confirmed in this faith by any one less than His first Apostle, although in rank second and third, to wit, Andrew the most meek the brother of St. Peter. ..."
This letter to the Pope put a different light on the matter more because of what it didn't say than for what it did. The pope could care less about the Scots' ancestry, but he took note that they troubled themselves to write the letter. It said in effect that all the enfiefing agreements made with prior popes were still in effect and that the Scots expected the present pope to honor them. That if he didn't and if Edward set foot in Scotland again, that they would serve Edward his head on a tray.

The pope definately did not want to get a no-win war started between England and Scotland, the very same Scotland who had defeated the English so badly at Bannockburn. He needed the English army in the Holy Land. So, he reconsidered. A wise decision.

The above document sent to the Pope is called the Scottish Declaration of Independence. Along with the document was filed proof of Robert the Bruce's claim, his genealogy, which can be found in Scotland's College of Lyons, and is certified as legal. This is his line from the time his ancestors entered Scotland: 

  • FERGUS MORE - King of Scotland. His claim to rule lies in his descent from the ancient Irish Kings. 
  • Fiachra
  • Fergus I
  • Manius
  • Dornadil
  • Reuthar
  • Edars (Edersced)
  • Conaire The Great
  • Corbred I
  • Corbred II
  • Modha Lamha
  • Corbred Dalriada
  • Eochaidh
  • Ere
  • Fergus The Great - King of Scotland 404-420:
  • Dongard - K. of S. 451-457
  • Conrad (Guvran) - K. of S. 501-535
  • Aidan (Aydan) K. of S. 569-606 also called Aldan
  • Eugene IV - K. of S. 606-621
  • Donald IV - K. of S. 632-646
  • Prince Dobgard (Donregarth)
  • Eugene V - K. of S. 684-688
  • FERGUS MORE - King of Scotland. His claim to rule lies in his descent from the ancient Irish Kings. 
  • Prince Findan
  • Eugene VII - K. of S. 699-715
  • Ethafind - called Ethfinus - K. of S. 730-761
  • Achais (Ethas) "Just and Wise" - K. of S. 787-819
  • Alpin - K. of S. 831-834
  • Kenneth I - K. of S. 834-854
  • Constantine -K. of S.
  • Donald II
  • Malcolm I - K. of S. 944-963
  • Kenneth II - K. of S. 970-995
  • Malcolm II - King of Scotland 1003-1033
  • Thane Albanac (Crinin)
  • Duncan I - killed by Lady MacBeth's husband of Wm. Shakespeare fame.
  • Malcolm III - "The big head" of Caenmore
  • David I - King of Scotland 1124-1153
  • Prince Henry
  • David - Earl of Huntingdon
  • Isobel Huntingdon
  • Lord Robert Bruce
The above is Robert the Bruce's Scottish line. Fergus More was descended from the Irish kings. The Irish have the longest genealogies in the world. They were handed down by bards by word of mouth just as Holy Scripture was handed down in its earliest days, and the royal line is posted in the Irish archives as legal proof of the ancestry of the Irish kings from Fergus More back to Tea Tepi. The Bruce's Irish line continues:
  • TEA TEPI Tea Tepi (Tamar) m. Prince Eochaid of the Zarah line in 565 BC. Ancestor of the Irish & Scottish Kings according to Irish genealogies. 
  • Irial Faidh
  • Eithrial
  • Prince Follain
  • Tighermnmas
  • Prince Eanbotha
  • Prince Smiorguil
  • Fiachadh Labhruine
  • Aongus Oilbhuahach
  • Prince Maoin
  • Rotheachta
  • Prince Dein
  • Iorn Saoghalach
  • Prince Oliolla Olchaoin
  • Giallchadh
  • Nuadha Fionn Fail
  • Simon Breac
  • Muriadhach Bolgrach
  • Fiachadh Tolgrach
  • Duach Laighrach
  • Prince Eochaidh Buillaig
  • Ugaine More "The Great"
  • Cobhthach Calbreag
  • Prince Meilage
  • Jaran Gleofathach
  • Oiliolla Caisthiaclach
  • Eochaid Foltleathan
  • Angus Tuirimheach "The Prolific"
  • Eanda Aighnach
  • Prince Labhra Luire
  • Prince Blathachta Eamhna
  • Prince Easamhuin Eamhna
  • Prince Roighneaim Ruadh
  • Prince Finlogha
  • Prince FinnEochaidh 
  • Fiedhlioch
  • Prince Bias 
  • FineamhuasLughaidh 
  • Riebdearg (or Raidhdearg)Criomhthan 
  • NiadhnarFioraidhach 
  • FionfachtnachFiachadh 
  • FionohudhTuathal 
  • TeachtmanFiedhlimhidh 
  • ReachtmarConn 
  • CeadchadhachArt 
  • Aonfhir "The Melancholy"Cormac 
  • UlfhadaCairbre 
  • LiffaechaireFiachadh 
  • Streabhthuine
  • Muirreadhach 
  • TireachEochaidh 
  • MoihmeodhainNial "of the nine hostages"
  • Prince Eogan
  • Prince MuireadhachMortough
  • Fergus More
Everyone who is descended from either the Scots, the Irish and very likely the English and Scandinavians may have this line as his own - if you look up a few generations and find a fast track. If one line won't do it, chances are another will. If that one won't do it still another may do it. Once on the fast track everything is a matter of public record, posted in archives as proof of the king's right to rule, and these proofs are "legal," and easy. 

Jefferson and Washington Lines

Just for fun I looked up the Jefferson line and the Washington lines and found that along with perhaps 25,000 others, I am 2nd cousin to both, many times removed of course; Jefferson's great grandfather and Washington's great grandfather are also my ancestors. But, I also discovered something else, something important - which is why I mention it. 

It Gets Interesting

We all know that Queen Victoria claimed to be a direct descendant of King David. Not King David of Scotland, but David, King of Israel. The media jackals made fun of it - which is what they are paid to do - and little more has been said of it. However, a lot is written about it. I looked at what had been written.

First, I have no doubt that the line of Robert the Bruce is genuine. It was accepted by the Catholic Church and other government entities as being legal. The Irish line is also accepted by most while being rejected by the few whom one would expect to reject. This line, too, is on file in Belfast.

If a person accepts Robert the Bruce's line and the Irish line as genuine - interesting things happen. The first name listed at the top of the Irish genealogy is Tea Tepi. Tea was the daughter of Zedikiah - last king of Israel. This attaches you to the Biblical genealogy and from there on you must follow the genealogies listed in the Bible.

Christians believe the Bible to be true, it is its own proof. This means that not only is King David of the Bible an ancestor, but so is Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Genealogists claim that these were the ancestors of Queen Victoria. It is her "fast line" we are using. They are also OUR grandfathers. So was Noah and the line inexorably continues back to Adam where it ends. Adam was the first man. It was he who was enfiefed by God to rule the world. This means that YOU are Adam's direct descendant. 

Other Lines

When Western man was converted to Christianity, there was a rush by Western kings to post their lineage in their nation's archives as proof of ancient descent from earlier kings - thereby inheriting their covenants. This is why it is so easy to obtain royal lineage - its posted everywhere. Thus far, we have discussed only the Robert the Bruce line. If the reader is English, German, or Scandinavian, the "fast track" may take him back to Robert the Bruce, but more likely it will be either Charlemagne, William the Conquerer, or Alfred the Great. Probably all three. All that is needed is to locate a fairly recent ancestor in the last four or five generations from a family that has kept track of their ancestry (I have met very few families who didn't have at least one ancestor that they could use). This fast track will lead to a prince and his genealogy. Since he is your ancestor - his genealogy is your genealogy.

Following are the complete lines of Robert the Bruce from the Roys; Robert the Bruce's opponent - Edward, through George Washington's ancestors and Alfred the Great and Charlemagne's - just so that you will be able to go back after reaching them. At times the author has used his own line of descent to illustrate. Discard his line and insert your own in its place. There are many other lines back to Adam besides the few listed here.

  • ADAM TO ALFRED THE GREAT: Alfred's line is the Anglo-Saxon line. Most English, Scots, Germans, and Scandinavians have this line. 
  • ADAM TO CHARLEMAGNE: Once you find a fast track back to a king, you will also find that most kings have lines to Charlemagne. In addition to French and English, this is of particular interest to Germans. I attached a line of German kings from Charlemagne so those of German descent will have no excuse not to do their homework. 
  • ADAM TO WILLIAM THE CONQUERER: ... EDWARD I of England, and GEORGE WASHINGTON. William the Conquerer was descended from Vikings. The Viking lines are posted several ways back through the kings Odin and Thor. It is interesting that Odinists gods are our grandfathers. These lines are accepted in the same way that the Irish lines are accepted. 
Importance Of Knowing Who You Are

Most readers know that before the International Trade Cartel was able to enter the West and buy and sell they had to first make friends with the God of the Christians; else the Christian God might tell his followers to kill him. Being killed removes the profit from trade. To change the Christian separatist God into a loving Dharma-Christian Hindu god, the Trade Cartel hired priests to insert the Hindu "Dharma - tolerance" into the separatist Christian religion. This new Dharma-Christianity taught Saxons to love everyone without regard to "race, creed, or national origin." This done, the Christian God was chained and the international merchants were free to come and go and they chose.

The information listed above is not new, it has always been known. Tens of thousands not only know this information but they know their own lines - and can trace them. They discuss this on the internet, in homes, at historical meetings, in books and manuscripts, and always it is attacked by the International Trade Cartel media for the reasons mentioned above. These are some of their arguments: 

  • The Israel of the Bible has vanished and the churches are now "spiritual Israel" who take the promises and covenants made to Israel as their own. Their tax-exempt ministers speak for God. 
  • The answer is that the Israel of the Bible has not vanished. Churches are NOT "spiritual Israel." God's promises were made to our ancestors and their descendants forever, we are those descendants. 
  • The establishment insists that all humans, including men, are evolved from monkeys and primeval slime. They enlist the testimony of their experts to prove it. 
  • Man insists that he was created by the WORD - in His image, and are bound to Him by covenants - the violation of which is severely punished. He points to the WORD to prove it. Before Adam there was no man. 
  • Dharma-Christian churches insist that the Jews are Israel and therefore only the Jews are bound by God's Commandments. Consequently, the Law is done away and people can do as they please. 
  • God's Commandments say "A bastard (Heb: mamzêr - mixed breed, mongrel) shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord (Israel)." De 23:2. Representatives of the Jews admit that they are a mixed race. God's Commandment excludes them from his Israel nation. Dharma-Christian churches brand themselves "false witnesses" and incur the judgement due false-witnesses. 
  • Dharma-Churches bless cartel-appointed governments by giving them authority to enforce laws that violate God's Commandments. They do this by misquoting, "Be subject to principalities and powers, to obey magistrates." Tit 3:1 
  • Saxons reply: "We must obey God rather than men." Acts 5:29 
Adamic Israel existed before governments or churches. God made His contracts and covenants with Adam and the sons of Isaac (Issac-sons; Saxons); and with their descendants forever. We are those descendants. We know our identity. We know our inheritance.

Saxons offer all people the right of self-determination. We applaud the Arabs desire to live under their Koran, the Jewish desire to live under the Talmud, and the desire of other peoples to live under the laws of their own gods. Saxons also insist that the same right they applaud in others be extended to themselves - the right to be ruled by the WORD and live under His Commandments.